Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV750, 7 Colors

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The blue version pictured is a different model Shark. Right color, wrong model pictured or is this a different model being sold?

Yeah, I noticed that too. There seem to be at least 3 models mixed in here.

What is the capacity of the tank?

The blue one appears to be a NV680 series. So I am wondering if you buy the blue - do you get that version?

To clear up any confusion about today’s event…My name is Justin and I work for Shark. All of the items available here are the same platform, despite the different appearance on the images. Each unit on this listing has the same power, capacity and function. The reason for the differences is that certain retailers require “exclusive” items, which is also why we have different colors, so we make variations to differentiate. When coming in on the secondary process side, we group them into platforms to reduce the number of total offerings we have. Hope that helps in alleviating some of the confusion.

1.4 dry quarts. You can fill up more than that but for optimum suction and performance, I would empty when you hit the max fill line, which is the 1.4 dry quarts.

SO the blue is the NV680 Series? It has no LED on the hand vac, correct?

The blue is not the NV680 – the NV680 series is the “speed” series, meaning lightweight and compact version.

These are full size units and it does have an LED on the handle.

How do these compare to the NV752 model?

Edit: Do they come with this attchment?

It is shown in the pictures, so I sure hope so. The description, however says it only includes the crevice tool and Upholstery tool, which is worthless. The Dust Away Hard Floor attachment is what I would want more than anything. Seems they are hoping folks will shop here: to get the tools they need. I’m afraid that when a 30% or 40% coupon hits, I can buy the NV752 at a store that starts with K and ends in l’s for around $200 and it comes with all of the tools I need/want.

The TruePet mini motorized brush is what I’m looking for. The NV752 on Amazon seems to include this, but it’s more expensive. I’m curious if that’s the difference between the NV750 and NV752.

ebay has a 20% off coupon right now that includes some shark vacuums.
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I could get this one:
for $156 shipped.

The last shark I bought from woot came with a surprise pet attachment!

Should I roll the dice with this one? If nothing else, I could complain to customer service because the pictures showed attachments that aren’t included. Get a partial refund or something.

Edit: I better buy the burgundy one since it’s the one pictured with attachment.

That’s a pretty big roll of the dice. I wish I knew whether the pet attachment was included. That’s a deal maker/breaker for me.

Per the sale, it includes: duster crevice tool, upholstery tool

Ok. Be nice to know what each attachment looks like…I think upholstery tool is just a flat one with no moving parts. Misleading pic is misleading.

does this work on carpet as well as hardwood floors

Yes, the vendor sent us an incorrect photo.

If you would like to cancel your order based on this, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

This is kind of disappointing. I would have got the blue model, but was afraid I wouldn’t get the NV750 because the photo didn’t match so I ordered a different color. I am still not 100% I understood the very PC post from Shark about how they posted this to avoid violating existing exclusive agreements.

Also, I too thought the Motorized Brush was included due to the photo, I should have read more carefully, but I assume it was pictured as advertised and that was why I was concerned about the apparent model differences with the different colors.