shipping question


Hey everyone, my first successful woot purchase was a couple days ago.
I was just wondering how long it ususally takes for them to ship it out, and when it does ship, where in “your account” does it say “shipped”?
thanks for your help,


Heya, it generally doewsn’t take long depending on size, quantity, and location of the item relative to your location. Generally, you’ll get an email indicating it has shipped which will provide you with a tracking number.


Like it says in the FAQs… Orders usually ship in 3 business days. If you click on the order number under ‘your account’ it will take you to a status page. If the order has been shipped, it will say so at the top and it will have a tracking number with a link to the tracking information.

Welcome to woot! [:D]

edit: oh yeah… what AZG said too!


Don’t worry, it will come. You will get a tracking #. It seems that stuff stalls along the way, usually somewere in TX, and then fly across the country and get to you house when it said on the email.


I got my first woot on saturday (21st) and no news yet… no “shipped” on “my account”


Ok, don’t panic yet.
They say 3 or so business days.
so Sat and Sun do not count.
I’ve bought um …12 Woots, and all have come in a timely manner.
My guess is that it’ll ship yet this week.
LOL, and there have been times I’ve actualy RECEIVED the item before the tracking # appeared…


they don’t work saturday or sunday(at least from my long experience, infact they used to never offer woots on the weekend), so don’t worry if they don’t ship until tommorow.


timely from woot’s end at least… FedEx, on the other hand, has been known to ship products to the opposite side of the country from you before shipping them to you… [8-)]


got in on friday.