Shirt peeling?

This was never an issue with screen printed shirts.

Season 2 Nbc GIF by The Office

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Not that it matters, but I’ve only I think I’ve only had one print go bad and it’s one I bought in 2016 on a different brand blank than they use now.

It’s a design by @benjaminleebates (The Places You’ll Roll), though, so it’s probably his fault. :wink: I still wear it all the time around the house.

I always wash my shirts in cold water, which I’m guessing helps preserve the print. Others would know better than me on that, though. My version of doing the laundry is tossing everything in at once and hoping for the best.

I’m truly sorry others have had shirts peel, though, and I hope Woot has helped make that right.


Here’s another one, on a hoodie this time. I think this is my 5th?

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Shirt.woot boss be like

Woot shirt peeling be like:


Sam Jackson simultaneously doing an impression of a woot shirt peeling and the wooter’s reaction.

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He’s such a good actor.


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Have peeled for me. I bought the Pawnee one twice before giving up. I’m a plain t girl now. Woot!'s peeling blunders changed my entire look. People seeing me out and about have no idea how much I love Leslie Knope, Mufasa, or trashcans (jk, my Eat Trash is holding strong).

I’ve been getting my fix from Redbubble lately.