Shun Ken Onion 4 Piece Steak Knife Set Woot Info Post
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Shun Ken Onion 4 Piece Steak Knife Set [New] - $229.99 + $5 shipping

4 * Shun Ken Onion DM-0511 4.5” VG-10 Steak Knife

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These are very expensive knives. Since nobody has bought any yet, I have to assume other Woot fans agree with this.

While I don’t have the steak knives and am more of a fan of the D-shaped handle than the Ken Onion style, Shun knives are very nice and I’ve never been upset paying the price for them.

Granted, I don’t have a large number of knives to compare with, but the few times I have used other people’s knives I’ve been disappointed more than once and I’ve not once been disappointed with my Shun.

Then again, I’m not sure how important having kick-ass steak knives is. Would rather get the kitchen knives than steak knives.

Not will the only turn a fillet mignon into ground beef with a few twists of the wrist, but it will ground your bank account down to the gristle.

I agree… I like the D Shaped handle better. I have a set of Shun and I LOVE THEM. They are amazing!! I wish I could justify getting these and the ones on They are definitely worth the money and I wish I had funds available to make this purchase!!! SHUN… I LOVE YOU! Good bye my love!

$120 for one knife at Gourmet Delights. We have 3 Shun knives (not Ken Onion) from an earlier Woot. If you’ve ever used a high-end Chef’s knife, you know it has great balance and can hold a razor-sharp edge.

I don’t know that this is necessary for a steak knife, but if you want that same elegant, efficient feel over the dinner table, indulge yourself, or make this a gift for a loved one who will appreciate it.

We bought the Shun Ken Onion 9 piece set about a year ago from Woot. They have been nothing but amazing. I have a couple friends who are professional Chefs and they absolutely love these knives. The set on woot right now & these steak knives are the only ones missing from our collection. It would be great to add these to the set, but the 9 piece does just fine. Besides, if they don’t sell out now, we might find them on a woot off in the near future!

Is there an extra 2 in front of the price?

Wow I like quality knives, I have some shun and full set of Wushtof, but wow. For steak knives I am not sure I can justify the expense.

Shun knives are truly as great a knife as anyone but a world class Japanese chef might need. As advertised, they are extremely sharp, hold the edge well and look and feel amazing!

However, I would not use them as a steak knife, let me count the reasons:

  1. The importance of the sharpness of the knife comes to play when prepping the food, once you start eating it, the damage done by a serrated knife doesn’t change much in terms of how a single bite is going to taste.

In fact, I see no reason at all for a steak knife not to be serrated, it’s the best form to handle the type of texture that various types of meat tend to offer and without as much danger as a sharp knife holds.

  1. Such sharp knives should be handled with care and using them on a porcelain place will damage them and cause them to lose their edge fairly quickly.(Don’t even consider using them on a plastic or paper plate!)

  2. Extremely sharp knives require extremely careful handling. If your guests are somewhat clumsy, they will most likely end up cutting themselves. I wouldn’t put these anywhere near children.

  3. For this price you can buy two Shun classic chef knives, 3 German knives(if that’s you fetish) or about two dozen average priced steak knives.
    A cheaper serrated knife will bring 10 times the value without reducing much if at all in terms of usability(again, I keep my extremely sharp knives in the kitchen away from pesky guests). paying over $100 for 4 steak knives is ridiculous, paying over $200 is just funny.

What I CAN say in favor of buying these knives, is if you are a serious (home or professional)cook, and you have foodie friends who can appreciate the style of a shun knife then it’s a nice gimmick as long as you have $200 that you don’t mind spending on just that - a gimmick.
It would make your dinning experience unique and interesting if your guests are capable of appreciating it.

Clearly, there are people in the world that pride themselves on their fine culinary talents. For them, these are among the finest kitchen utensils one will find, and their seemingly high cost with be justified in the advantages that these tools bring.

On the other hand, there are many dirtbags like me, that would just need a broken piece of plastic to rip a tuna sandwich in half. Or to give the dog a haircut. Or to threaten the neighbors. So I’ll pass on this.

Here is a flickr video:

I don’t know anything about these Shun Ken knives but they look great and are probably some really high quality stuff from what I’ve read in the posts.

For those that may want another perspective on what’s out there at this level of quality, I use something that I have stood by for the past 7 or so yrs. Although, I would never agree with their sales practices, the product is one of the best in my opinion and I have yet to sharpen any of the ones I have:

Best steak/butter/fish/anything knives I’ve ever used.

They are dishwasher safe, are made in the US and have a pretty decent “Forever” Guarantee.
It appears that these Shun Kens have some stringent caring instructions…

I promise I’m not a salesperson!

UGH!!! I just bought some Shun Steak knives 4 days ago because Woot wasn’t putting any on sale. I am so mad right now.

I have to agree with this. My cousin sells cutco knives, and of course she did a demonstration for my family. They’re incredibly sharp. The only knife we had that could beat them was my Ka-Bar, and she later found out that was only because they’re made by the same company!
The forever guarantee is nice too. It’s not a lifetime guarantee, it’s literally forever. Plus, if the knives ever get dull, you can send them in to be sharpened!

Alton Brown likes them, so I must. Now if only I had an extra $235 for steak knives…

I disagree that serrated knives are just peachy keen. I bought one set of the (non-Ken Onion) Shun steak knives Woot offered a while back. If you’re oblivious to the texture of your food and you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind hacking and sawing away at your food, hey, use the serrated knives. I really enjoy both texture and taste, and I appreciate the good quick clean cut I get from the Shun steak knives, so when Woot offered them again, I bought a second set of four.

I have to agree with Eredor. While, I’m a fan of japanese steel for food prep, I think they are overkill as tableware – and concur with the argument that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to maintain the quality of the edge if you’re using it on traditional ceramic plates (maybe if you’re serving salmon on a cedar plank…).

That said, you don’t have to go serrated for steak knives either. The sweet-spot for me has generally been Victorinox steak knives ( and you have to admit that the Rosewood handles are classy.

Shun’s on woot are fairly decently priced – however, they tend to be the “popular” version of japanese steel and often do have a mark-up relative to brands of equal craftmanship. This perhaps belongs more on the main woot site, but if you’re in for japanese steel, i suggest you check out

I agree, if cops is filming and you are pointing this knife at the neighbor. I don’t see anyone noticing the extra $200 you spent on the Shun Ken onion steak knife before they read you your miranda rights. That was funny!