Shun Ken Onion 7 Piece Bamboo or Cherry Block Set

Unless you’re a chef or someone in that field, this is just way too expensive for someone lowly as me on the culinary rank.

I just want a knife that will cut. Too fancy schmancy…

hmmmmmm…I wonder…Seppuku?

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At least this one makes sense. A high quality knife set will set you back this, easily, most likely even more! These knives are great for the serious home chef, and aren’t unitaskers like the ones Uncle Regular Woot is selling today.

Some of the Best Knives Anyone could own but I prefer the Shun Elite Line. These handles were just too fancy for an old chef like me. But a very good set either way. You will get your moneys worth but is it worth it to you? Do you cook often enough? Will you take care of them? You have to hand wash these and put them away once dried. They will last for yrs n yrs n yrs… Tuff Call…

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The others are a set of STEAK Knives, and at that price, I dont know how UNItasking I would do with those… But they r some fancy steak knives, GUARANTEED!

I bought the $149.99 set a while back that included the 9" serrated slicer and the 5" serrated utility. They’re terrific. They’re not cheap, but they’re great knives. If you cook, it’s hard to imagine you wouldn’t love them, especially if you’re upgrading from a mediocre set.

Previously sold on moofi (cherry block).

I would seriously consider this set if it included an 8" (or longer) chef’s knife, or even a 7"+ santoku. But I refuse to settle for a 6" chef’s at this price, bargain though it is.

Yeah, the 8" slicer could probably serve well enough as a chef’s knife, but I’d really rather a true chef’s blade (taller at the heel, slightly thicker & heavier).

And what’s with calling the 4 3/8" blade a chef’s knife? It may be shaped like one, but at that size, it’s a paring knife. Period.

Here are various reviews of Shun knives, focusing on Shun Ken Onion:


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Deja Woot, from June:

$400 seems a little high for some Knives. Dang Woot.

I just got a Shun paring knife last week and it’s FANTASTIC! Perfectly weighted; comfortable, smooth yet not slippery woody handle with good heft to keep the knife steady, but light and agile blade that’s shockingly thin but incredibly hard and rigid metal with a fine, razor-sharp edge.

I cut myself the first time using it and it was like cutting butter; fortunately the cut had very clean, smooth edges and despite being deep, healed more quickly than any of the hundreds of knife cuts I’ve endured.

My other knives are Global, a brand I love for many reasons, but I have to say the Shun is more comfortable to hold, lighter and has better weight distribution overall, as well as significantly sharper out-of-the box. However, one of Global’s major pros in my experience is how well & how long the knives hold sharpness, and the Shun blade is too new for me to gauge in that respect.

But I’m VERY happy with my purchase and seriously considering buying more Shun knives including maybe even a complete switchover and replacement if my paring knifes hold up to heavy use and remains sharp as well as my Global knives.

But… The Chrome Vanadium Steel!!! Look at those curves! Check out the awesome name that makes you think of food! If you went to the store you could pay as much as $700. But you aren’t going to pay $700. You aren’t going to pay $600, or even $500. Friends, Sellout.woot has The last knife set you will ever need in your life again, ever for the low low price of 400 $1 bills, plus a surprisingly reasonable shipping fee. You can’t go wrong.

Health and wealth to you as well, sellout.woot.

I feel dragged and beaten; perhaps as if my mind has been drawn and quartered - for being distracted and losing the race to run that bit of Arabic through Google Translate.

Actually, I ran it through half an hour ago but it was only subsequently that I was distracted…

Want to love and get these but not particularly impressed this time around. I already own some Shuns and would like to replace my Henckels.

BUT you really need to break down the 7 pieces in the set. Knock off two for the block and sharpening steel. Take off another two for the two serrated as high quality steel and sharpness isn’t a requirement for serrated knives so all you’re really getting there are matching handles.

So then you’re down to three actual knives that reflect the Shun value. Of the three, one is a mini that’s only slightly larger than a paring knife so I would deduct a half there.

So 2.5 knives for $399 = roughly $160 for each actual knife is not much of a “deal.” So I’ll hold off until a better combination comes around.

That being said, the Woot sale for the steak knives set is a great deal as I paid $600 at retail for my two sets of Shun steak knives.

Just my two cents.

As a professional chef, I’ll just say this is a crappy deal. $400 bones for undersized knives is just too much. And $200 for steak knives on Woot? I guess if you’ve got money to burn, go ahead and burn it.