SILIGUN Caulking Gun

SILIGUN Caulking Gun



Welcome to Caulk Talk. I’m your host, Vinny Bannister.

Nothin’ wrong with some dudes sittin’ down and just talkin’ caulk.

Now today on Caulk Talk we’re looking at this PRO Caulk Complete Caulking Kit 2-Pack. Each kit’s got eight sealing edges, a bonus mini applicator, and a five year guarantee on the edge tools. You get two of each kit. My guest as always is my good friend Bobby Malten. Bobby, get a load of this caulk.

“Oh this is a BEE-YOU-TIFUL caulk, Vinny. Absolutely beautiful. You got five and a half ounces of DAP Kwik Seal Kitchen and Bath Adhesive Caulk here. And those eight sealing edges? You’re gonna have no problem gettin’ your caulk all up in there.”

I agree. Nothin’ worse than having to fight just to get your caulk in there. You can waste hours! Sometimes it’s so bad you’ve got to beg and plead just to get the tip of the caulk in there.

“Sometimes I feel like it’d be easier if I bought it some drinks first!”

Ha ha, that’s a good one, Bobby. You and I both know that inebriation only makes it harder to get your caulk in there. Luckily that shouldn’t be a problem with this baby. Let’s take some calls. Hello caller, you’re on Caulk Talk. Let’s talk caulk.

“Yeah, I was just wondering: do you guys generally prefer a stiff caulk?”

Well obviously the adhesive nature of the caulk you want depends on the job. In general, though, I prefer a soft caulk.

“Definitely soft. By the time it’s hard your caulk is brittle and useless!”

Does that answer your question, caller?


OK, not sure what was so funny there, but anyway… next caller! Let’s talk caulk!

“Hey, thanks for taking my call. So check this out: my Congressman just texted my girlfriend a picture of his caulk. What should I do?”

Well, I don’t know where you live, but any politician who’s that comfortable showing off his caulk would get our vote, no problem. Right, Bobby?

“Definitely. Definitely. I think about caulk every time I go to the voting booth.”

Yeah, you gotta stay vigilant these days or the next thing you know, the government will come along and take away your caulk. And I’m not about to let some bureaucrat cut off my caulk.

“Yeah, that sounds painful.”

You don’t know the half of it, caller. All right, moving on to the next call. We’ve got a Complete Caulking Kit here today, what say you?

“Hey guys, longtime listener first time caller. I was wondering where’s the weirdest place you guys have accidentally had caulk wind up?”

Ha, great question, caller. Bobby?

“Oh man. One time I had a misfire with my caulk gun. Wound up with a face covered in caulk. The guys on the job had a FIELD DAY with that one.”

I got you beat, Bobby, I got you beat. So there I am, re-tilin’ a bathroom wall, right? And I got my caulk gun and I’m caulkin’ like nobody’s business when all of a sudden, BOOM! The bottle explodes and I’m sittin’ there, my buddies all around me laughin’, ‘cause I got a huge mouthful of caulk.

“Oh my god could you say that again? I want to record it for YouTube.”

Sorry caller, we’re out of time. That’s all for Caulk Talk! Thanks for watching, and good luck workin’ that caulk!

“Vinny, you ever feel like our show has a disproportionately high number of callers who are teenage boys?"


I love you.



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