Simmons CaptureView 8x30 1.3MP Digital Camera Binoculars


Simmons CaptureView 8×30 1.3MP Digital Camera Binoculars

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    1 Simmons CaptureView 8×30 1.3MP Digital Camera Binoculars - cv-2





This video quality does how big?


BizRate First… from $72.

Shopzilla Second… starting at $72.

Nextag third… lowest is also $72.

MSN Shopping fourth… from $90. fifth… lowest is $120.

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A similar spec’d model sat in the window of Radioshack for $139.99 when they first came out a few years ago, this is quite the deal in comparison.


What in the world am I doing all the way down here?!? Thanks a lot Time Warner!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $39.99

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $72.45 Link $73.48


Need more than 8*30!!!


hmmm these any good?


Sounds like a great device for a peeping tom.


75.99 at… but only perv would need these anyhow


how good is 8 by 30


Does the camera take the picture at the zoom you’re looking at? It looks like there’s a seperate lens for the camera.


I always thought these were a really cool idea. I could zoom in on anything I ever wanted to see and take candid photos of them.

…and then, I turned seven years old.


what would you take a picture of with a 1.3 mp, its a good idea, but it needs a better camera in it


Whoa, I think someone’s had a little too much experience with stalking. :eek:

When this type of product first came out, I really wanted it but the cost was too high. Now that the price is manageable, I know how crappy a 1.3MP camera is. :slight_smile:


Is this for peeping toms?


anyone have these binoculars? could be fun at a concert or on the kayak.

really wanted a BOC!



bahhhh 1.3MP and binoculars. for what… seriously… bird watching? girl next door watching??

woot. you made me cry tonight.


I guess we can use these to look at the nude beach and post the photos.

I hope to find one of these in my Bucket of Chandoliers.

Nite woot