Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine

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Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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if only I knew how to sew

Betsy Ross is excited tonight!

I once looked into a man’s eyes at the bar and told him I knew how to sew.

By the way, I’m a man.

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By using the skills and the talents
of the people of Santa Poco.

This is not a town of weaklings.

You can turn your skills
against El Guapo.


what is it that this town
really does well?

We can sew.

I just want to let everyone know that if you are in Tunisia and need your Singer sewing machine serviced, there is a service center there. It was even open during the revolution.

I’ve always been a Brother fan.

Can I get it here in time to make my costume?

Walmart Listing - listed at 190 so there is some savings

Product Reviews - given 4.3 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews

I have 3 brothers myself. I’m the baby sister!

How heavy is this machine?

will this machine facilitate the assembly of a human centipede or does the simple fact that the subject’s flesh will still be draped on their skeleton prevent me from sewing together the necessary epidermal regions?

For those that would like to make your own clothing, this is the thing… and so you don’t just throw swatches of fabric together… here are some places that make patterns.



Kwik Sew


Don’t personally own one, but bought my mom one last year and she likes it. My dad thanked me because he now has more wearable pairs of pants.

My wife got a Brother from Costco about a year ago and the thing broke. Not just the needle, but some piece of the arm or something it attaches to. She was just hemming my jeans.

Can anyone say if Singer is actually worth the price premium over Brother? Will this machine be more robust, reliable, and long lasting?

No, it should work fine.

For those who are lazier (the link has 3 reviews), a little extra work gets you:

Product manual:

and the product sheet: