Singer Sewing Machine and Stylist Serger

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Singer Sewing Machine and Stylist Serger
$279.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is really a great deal. I’ve been looking for something to get for my Aunt for Christmas… This might be something myself and a few other family members can chip in for.

You can’t go wrong with Singer, no other brand comes close!

I’d potentially buy one if it was JUST the sewing machine. I don’t need a sewing machine and a serger. Why would you buy both?

I ripped a small hole in one of my jeans, I thought about how easy it would be to fix with one of these.Then I realized the hole was barely noticeable and just said sew what…

Ugh, I got this for the wife LAST year! C’mon Woot, I need THIS YEARS gifts…

Thalidomide could have prevented little Tommy’s shirt-induced angst.

Better living through chemistry.

Amazon has the machine by itself for $1 less. so for $1 you get a Serger with this deal.,

Don’t like the fact that there aren’t any reviews on the product though.

Product websites:

mixed reviews for both at each site.

Um, just sell the serger on eBay/Craigslist/OWS protest…wait, the last one will only pay you in Starbucks coffee and cigarettes.

They do very different things. A serger finishes the seams of garments. It can’t do simple mending, sew on a button, or do top-stitching. I sew clothing and quilts and can’t live without both!

It’s cheaper here if you don’t look at the shipping cost:

Hmm… I’d sew totally buy it buy because I need a new singer but it doesn’t look like it’s compatible with Flacc or Ogg.

Is this the same sewing machine + serger they had last time?

I went to the wife for an answer on that one. Apparently, the Serger is good for sewing stretchy fabric such as what we find on an average woot shirt.

So, if you ever do damage to your woot shirt, then this would come in handy. Especially if you’re like me and you have a ton of “favorite” woot shirts.

My sister owns the Singer Sewing Machine and loves it. Uses it weekly and said it was simple to learn with many different stitch options.

I bought this pair the last time Woot had this deal, and we love it! Works better than advertised, and the serger sells locally for more than the combined set does here.

Moonrock asked why buy both? The serger makes all the difference between a home-sewn shirt and something that looks professionally made. Look at the seams at the end of your shirt sleeves, or at the waist. See that neat little 3/4 inch sewn strip? That was done with a serger. A standard sewing machine can’t duplicate that.

A serger is so nice to have. It cuts and overlocks (finishes) all the edges. I use mine almost more than my machine. This a a great duo for the price.

Uhm, that’s for just the serger. You get both here.

I have been sewing since I was a kid and prefer Singer by far. It has always been extraordinarily reliable. I’ve owned two Singers since the 70s (they last a long time) and used my mom’s before that, and until a computer took all my time in the past 10 years, all my clothes were homemade so those machines got a lot of heavy use. If you want your garments to look professionally finished, you use the serger to finish (and trim) the seams on the inside. You can also do a professional hem with the serger and lots of other things. This price is beyond phenomenal for what you’re getting.