Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine

Per the walmart link above,

Shipping Weight (in pounds): 21.85

Is it worth getting this or waiting to see if they will offer the sewing machine + serger package again?

IMO Brothers and Singers are about the same, especially the entry-level models. I think that it probably had more to do with the model/type of machine than the brand. Jeans are pretty heavy duty and require a sturdier machine.

Personally, I prefer Janome sewing machines, but they are a bit spendy. Janome does make the Kenmore brand ones for Sears though, which are a good deal if you can still find the cheaper ones.

I purchased this machine when it was offered as a set with the serger. Threading can be a little tricky, but the machine works remarkably well.

Got one for the wifey. She’s been houndin me to get a sewing machine for a few months now, so I hope I can score some bonus points when this shows up on the doorstep! Thanks Woot.

I got the Singer Perfect Finish sewing machine/serger combo last time and I would advise waiting for it to come around again if you have the choice. The sewing machine has many more features than this one and the serger works great.

I bought the combo set to take around with me when I visit my kids. I have a high end Babylock that I paid $3500+ for, and I was surprised and delighted with the quality of the Singer Perfect Finish. It makes a great buttonhole, has loads of additional feet, and even has a couple of alphabets!


This is a different machine than the Perfect Finish that came with the serger. The Perfect Finish machine is a more expensive machine with many more features and a larger LCD screen.
edited to add: this machine does not have a drop-in bobbin so there is no window at the top to see how much thread is left on your bobbin. For those who sew, you will know what a big deal that is.

I bought a Brother machine over a year ago from Costco for about $120 very comparable to this machine. I’m not an expert at sewing, for sure, though. But then several months ago, I saw a Singer machine (6199) at Costco for the same price or maybe a bit less, and the Singer machine had more features and seemed to get better reviews over the Brother machine. I haven’t opened up either box to date, so I don’t have any hands-on experience to compare the two machines. I’m planning to return the Brother machine to Costco (Costco has a great return policy, BTW) and keep the Singer given the better reviews of the Singer and the additional features. The Singer machine offered here is maybe a step down from the one I bought at Costco for less than $120 several months ago. What caught my attention is the price here on Woot which is probably a pretty competitive price now. But less than a year ago, I was able to buy a better Singer model for $120 from a store that offers just good prices, not great. The inflation I’ve seen recently is ALARMING!!! I’ve seen unbelievable increases in prices lately on a variety of items from food (off the scale) to other consumer products - the current OUTRAGEOUS gov’t spending comes at a cost. My advice - BUY, BUY, BUY now. As far as this Singer machine, I can’t give much advice. But in general, buy whatever you need now while your money has some purchasing power. Down the road, you’ll be lighting dollar bills to start your Cobb BBQ to save money.

A machine that sews.

If only Steve Jobs could have lived to see this day…

THANK YOU!!! This is EXACTLY the kind of informative review/post I read the comments for. You helped me make my decision.

I once gifted a Singer sewing machine to an ex girlfriend. Sorry, but I can’t actually contribute to how well they work or last as it somehow sent the wrong message and after much upsetness, it was never used. It has not rusted after four years in storage so…that’s a plus?

The wife has wanted a sewing machine… guess I’ll check back in the morn & see what the forums reaction is to this product over night (plus, a sellout would save me $. Lol)

While I haven’t tried out the serger yet (never used one before) I also got the combo pack and put the sewing machine through some paces making cosplay costumes for the entire family in the process of a week and a half. Two adult jedi and two child sized princess Leia’s later I’d say it’s a lot more robust than I was expecting, and went through several layers of suede without too much complaint (although it did break 3 needles - that came with it). If this machine is like that one (which other people have said it isn’t exactly) It’ll get most jobs done.

If you want to see the sewing projects they are written up a couple posts back on my blog (linked in the signature).

It looks like a good deal to me. Amazon’s got a similar model but they are sold out and it’s more expensive.

As mentioned in a previous post, maybe waiting for a serger is the way to go. I already have a sewing machine so I don’t really need one right now. It is tempting though…

great thing about that is you can return it without a receipt forever. for a full refund.

Do you really believe that? I’ve got $100.00 that says you will be wrong next year, and the year after. Wanna bet?

You’re on. It’s not even a question of whether I’m wrong next year or the year after. I’m right now - just look around and observe. Go ahead and send me the $100 while I can still buy a few steaks for the Cobb. I can send you my paypal account info.