Six Sigma Sauvignon Blanc (6)

Six Sigma Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$59.99 $132.00 55% off List Price
2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Asbill Valley, Lake County


Grape Debater

There was a tear in my eye as the monkey jumped back into his delivery truck, knowing that it was likely the last I would see him. And what will he do when wine.woot shuts down? Yet, I had joy in my heart holding a bottle to debate.

We opened the bottle at about 50 degrees. The color is a very pale straw. The nose is floral and citrus, very pleasant. There is none of the smell of a NZ Sauvignon Blanc, described as cat piss.

On the palate, the wine is wonderful. Nice citrus flavors, especially lemon coming through. Nice acidity for a great balance. Faint taste of oak, which it turns out about 2% is finished in oak. Such a small amount, yet it adds just the right amount.

We paired this with some cod, and I think this wine is excellent with fish or seafood. And it was very nice wine to sip on its own both before and after dinner.

SWMBO summed up her thoughts in “very good”. And she is all in for buying some.

We definitely planned to buy the wine. About $17-18 average price on CT, and with WD doing his magic, we knew it would be a deal. Only $10/bottle delivered.

I recommend this wine.

Wine woot is going away?

Is this wine sweet or dry?

Um… yeah, what is happening to wine woot?

I realize the halcyon days of Corison are long gone but soon to be history?

Check out ThunderThighs’s announcement last week under the “world of woot wine” tab.

I haven’t tasted this particular wine, but I’ve been to the winery and their wines are very good, and NOT cheap (~$30 average), so $10/bottle is pretty good.

it’s dry.

We had the chance to taste this at the big NoVa wine.woot party on Saturday. My notes indicate this was the first up on a long night of tasting, which was a whirlwind of wines. The small sample I tasted didn’t give off the aromas PB reported but then again, it didn’t linger in my glass for long. My notes for this one consist of two words, describing the finish: “dry” and “acid”.

As with InFrom, I also tasted this wine at the NoVA/DC get-together on Saturday. I found this wine to be a typical representative of SauvBlanc from central California. It was served well chilled, so I have no impression of aroma. On the palate, it was sharp and dry, with flavors of lemon peel predominating. A solid, Tuesday night sipper at this price point.

Thank you, WineDavid and WCC, for allowing me to be a Grape Debater for this wine!

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Hi Julie,

Al from Six Sigma here. :slight_smile:

We consider our 15’ Asbill Valley Sauvignon a touch on the dry side. Hope this helps and please message if you have any more questions.


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Nice notes.
Thank you,

We also tasted this at the NoVA gathering. As InFrom mentioned, this was the first of many, many wines.

SWMBO and myself found this to be a fairly typical CA SB, which is a good thing. Grapefruit on the nose and palate with some lemon zest and just the right amount of acidity. Nice summer sipper for us, year-round sipper for those in warmer climes…

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