SKIL PWRCore 12 Brushless Impact Driver

SKIL PWRCore 12 Brushless Impact Driver

No charger? No BATTERY?!


This is good if you already have other Skil tools and batteries compatible, but if you need the whole kit and caboodle, this set over on A include the impact driver, drill driver, one battery and charger for a fabulous price. Also, 5 year warranty instead of 90 days.

Yeah what a useless RIP off. Tried to cancel the order but woot is d1ck1ng me around over a 2 hour fvcking window, even though this was ordered on a weekend. I hate woot soooooo much now. It was so much better when Amazon didn’t have its filthy hands in it.

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You mean back when the policy was “No returns, no refunds. Sell it on eBay if you don’t like it.”? You dislike that Woot has allowed returns for years now, and where you can start yourself from this page?

(IMHO, there’s nothing misleading with the offer here. In the title – “Bare Tool”. Within the battery description – “Sold separately.”)

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I’m not a Woot employee, but it’s my understanding they have that 2-hour window because the orders get sent off to vendors to fill and then it’s out of Woot’s hands. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the weekend or not since I think it probably all happens automatically.

Also, a side note: Amazon bought Woot ten years ago. That’s a long time to hold on to that particular complaint.

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Not sure of the rules here, but it seem tacky for a commenter (kamnet) to post shrouded affiliate links here.

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there’s nothing misleading with the offer here. In the title – “Bare Tool”

The second and longest bullet point stresses specifically the value and importance of the battery technology… of a battery it doesn’t have.

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Thus the term “Bare Tool”.

If you happen to pick up the Skil drill/side impact or oscillating tool combo ($79 on the Mothership) that will come with the fancy Skil charger and a battery, so you’re mostly ‘there’ with a brushless tool set for under $120.
I needed to update my old laughably heavy 19.2V set of cordless tools to move up in my job, and these Skil tools are the real deal.
Light, powerful, affordable and a 5 YEAR warranty.
No, it’s likely not Snap-On quality, but the guys at the shop running Milwaukee/Makita are impressed, especially for 1/3 the price.
Durability is of course the issue, and time will tell, but hey, 5yr warranty!
Very satisfied purchaser here.

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Or reciprocating saw combo:

I bought the drill/impact combo here on Woot a couple months ago. It sold me and I’ve since purchased a drill/right angle impact set to get into tighter spots too. Its brushless motors perform beyond what’s typically thought of 12v. Toolguyd did a full review of the drill a while back:

People want fast deliver and that has consequences. To do fast shipping, you have to release orders quickly. After two hours, it’s off to an Amazon warehouse or to a vendor. How in the world would we contact a particular associate in one of dozens of Amazon warehouses to find your order out of thousands to cancel it.



Yeah, the oscillating tool is spot on too.
I’ve used it on both asbestos shingles and fiberglass with impressively clean cuts, and while I thought it was weirdly heavy out of the box, the weight gives it a lot of stability for working.
The lights on all of these tools are great, the ring lights on the impacts even more so.
I’m hoping the reciprocal saw comes up ‘bare tool’ on here at some point to round out the set for cheap.

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No, VMod, the URL continues to have the affiliate link (tag kfdeals-20).

Either delete the link or use the basic expanded link with the tag stripped out.

I’m not the one who fixed the link but I replaced it again to be safe. I didn’t see the affiliate tag on the link Narfcake changed it to but I think we’re good on the one that’s up now.

BOO !! Misleading cheap trick!

A cursory read implies that this drill comes with a battery. The main headline does not say ‘tool only’ and many of the pictures show it with a battery.

It is not until you get into the ad that the last 2 words of the title reads ‘bare tool’ & then clearly they make it very difficult to cancel the order if you understandably were misled into ordering.

All the Amazon owned sites are trending unclear, misleading & sketchy as F in their searches & product descriptions & basically all their business practices …

Woot is a closeout site, it doesn’t even guarantee you time to complete check out before items disappear from your cart let alone do any due diligence prior to purchase. On ANY reputable website the first 2 words of the title would be ‘bare tool’ or ‘no battery’… It should not be the Last 2 words which you only saw after clicking on the link and digging into the ad …if it was truly a good deal they would be long gone by then …

For the few people who have the more rare Skil 12v battery and charger this may be an OK deal. For the vast majority who saw the “SKIL PWRCore 12 Brushless Impact Driver” headline this is a worthless hunk of plastic.

This type of practice is rampant across all the Amazon properties, it’s a TRILLION dollar company they know exactly what they’re doing & I think it is a kind of fraud

I haven’t seen other tool site advertise the bare tools in this manner, so are all other sites not reputable too? I certainly don’t see the description tags in the big box home improvement store’s tool corrals call out “bare tool” as the primary line either – do you raise a fuss in-person there also?

Woot has a 2 hour window in which folks can cancel their orders AND afterwards, you can return the item – both of which were not allowed before Amazon’s ownership. You can initiate a self-return from your orders page.

FWIW, e-commerce sites do NOT hold items for anyone before checking out. That’s across the line, whether it Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Woot here.

That affiliate ref was re-edited back in by someone else. :pouting_cat:

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Woot is a limited quantity liquidation website, they pressure buyers to check out quickly… they provide only a VERY limited window for cancellation (which they make difficult) …everything that is a decent value is gone right away. Knowing that , it should be incumbent on them to provide clear, transparent product descriptions

but they don’t…

The comment regained the expansion link, which had the affiliate tag embedded in it. I don’t see how this revision happens, assuming Narfcake did it right (how can a name like Narfcake be untrustworthy anyway?)… unless the commenter re-edited back in himself (which should be grounds for sanction).

Are Amazon staff generally unaware of how the links work?