Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

This stuff is really good! If I didn’t have some in the fridge and some in the cupboard already, I’d get more. This on a hamburger or a club sandwich… perfect!

We were promised the end of bacon a few weeks ago… Why would you go back on your word? If Woot can’t keep a promise then I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t anymore. Are we really here? Maybe day is night and night is day. It’s possible that Al Gore did in fact invent the internet!

Not so good, actually (the deal, not the bacon. Might have to try it out…) If you don’t mind three of the regular flavour, it’s 3 for $29.95 and free shipping -


Good enough to buy the 3 pack that tapehands posted?

I like both flavors so… I’d go for the two pack here instead. But It keeps in the cupboard for awhile so you don’t have to worry about it going bad right off. My daughter is the only one that doesn’t care for it because the flavor is a bit much for her. My son, husband, and I all love it. The original flavor is a good one and is good if you get some spicy cheese like a good pepper jack and don’t need more competition for the taste.

Also, note that those are 7 oz jars, these look like 10.5 oz jars, slightly bigger than Amazon’s selection.

Good review!

OK, you guys sold me on it… I bought some.

I hope you like it. I took the chance after reading the comments when I first saw it and don’t regret it at all.

I’ve eaten worse…

I’m really sorry I missed this. I can’t say it’s visually appealing, but fortunately it really works well everywhere I’ve tried it, including a corned beef sandwich last night. Hopefully I’ll score more before my supply vanishes.

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaack!

(And Al Gore never said that. Geez.)

Mine still hasn’t shipped…

The shipping time for items on Wine.Woot is typically 2-3 weeks even for non-wine items. Hang in there, soon the Bacon Spread will be yours. All yours.

I was just checking the board out to see if anyone else was waiting. Thanks for the update!!