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Not much in the way of explaining how the system is setup. Or how it ‘calls for help’ and what it calls. Can it be setup to be monitored by an actual monitoring station?

Check out Skylink’s website. Their overview is simple and informative.

We use a VoIP (Ooma specifically). Will this system work with a VoIP?

Good morning - I’m the vendor manager for this event. Skylink confirmed the SC-1000 system is also compatible with VoIP systems.

Thanks! It seemed like it should work since it only needs to be able to make phone calls rather than send data like monitored security systems.

Are the zones on the SC-001 control panel and sensors included with the SC-1000 kit ‘supervised’. E.g. Do the wireless door/window sensors included send a ‘closed’ as well as an ‘open’ signal and is the controller monitoring their state at all times?

Description says: Works with incandescent, CFL or Tungsten light bulbs

  1. Tungsten and incandescent mean the same thing, no?

  2. Does this work with LED lights?

Yes, the sensors included in the SC-1000 kit plus any additional sensors that are added after are monitored by the main control panel at all times as long as the system is on and armed.

The switches will work with all lighting types except for LED. The SK-8 3-way switch is not compatible with LED lights.

Just opened my complete alarm system. Two of the batteries exploded but it looks like they smoldered awhile first filling up the box with black soot. I don’t think that would be good for sensitive electronics so back it goes. :(. It needed it’s own smoke detector.

Jeez, I’m sorry. Have you contacted yet? If not, CS can review your options and help get things resolved for you.

I put in a SK-8 (3-way remote wall switch) and it worked for like, 4 minutes then went completely dead with the light stuck on. Called Skylink when they opened that day, they said the load was within the right range and the shoplight fixtures were OK to use, I should return it to woot. I e-mailed Support the same morning and have gotten no response. That was July…11 I think. Anyone else get this problem or a non-response from CS?

Oh man, I’m really sorry we seem to have never responded to you! I’ll check in with CS and make sure we figure out what’s up.

I have a complete system installed. The panel does NOT monitor the “health and battery status” in the window/door or other sensors. If a battery goes dead in a sensor, the panel does not know that. The sensors send a signal to the console whenever the door is opened or closed. The panel does not keep track to see if a window or door is opened or closed. You can arm the system with every window and door open.

When the system is armed, all remotes are monitored to see if a sensor signal is sent - ie intrusion. If a sensor battery goes dead, that is not communicated.