Smith & Wesson 3-Watt Cree LED Head Lamp

There were only 3 monkeys.

What happened to the monkeys? Dang it!


It was a trick…

3 monkeys??? Is woot on drugs?

The screaming monkey had me scared there for a second…

light free or die hard?

no bags of crap.


Nice, something to compliment my S&W pistols.

I’m smelling some carp coming soon!

That was odd did woot have a hic-up?

See, not the end. Probably just clearing out the last of the leopard skin capes.


I call shenanigans! …that was some mean trickery

can we blame it on Amazon yet?

Tricky stuff, Woot. Make us think we’re gonna get to sleep tonight, then take away our screaming monkey.

What caliber is this? How many mags does it come with? What is the mag capacity?

ok, now they’re just screwing with us

I want to buy that metallic androgenous head!