Snow Joe 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Snow Blower

Snow Joe 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Snow Blower

I bought the Snow Joe corded version last buyout.

For the most part it is a work horse, throws a lot of snow.
It’s tougher than you would think being made of plastic.
If you have deep snow, you have to lift it and cut it down in
layers but it is pretty light for most people.

The down side on my particular Snow Joe Snow Blower
was the snow chute won’t stay on.
Its all plastic and it snaps in place with a locking screw.
but the force of the snow blows the snow chute off.
It seems to barely get locked in place so the force of the
snow, Yes, it does forcefully blow the snow out,
blows the snow chute right off the unit.

I ended up using it minus the chute and though it
does get kind of “snowy” during the removal, it
still tends to throw all that snow to the left side of where you
are working.

Yes this is a negative for my unit but honestly, it
does move the snow.
I did have some deep snow where I had to layer
the snow off but the SnowJoe, being made of
plastic, is light enough that it isn’t a big problem.

This is a back up unit for my Gas SnowBlower
that is allergic to snow. WHen snow dust gets into
it, the gas unit just stops running.

Nothing has stopped the SnowJoe unit yet so
I use it without the snow chute.

knowing it may have a concern, judging by its
operation and ability to move snow, I recommend it.

Received this machine right before our big snow here in the Northeast. Worked great but battery only lasted 25 minutes. Woot description said 50-52 minutes battery run time. I checked the manual that came with it and it said battery run time is 25 minutes. This was disappointing. Since I have a corner house I could have used a few more minutes to fully complete the job.

I strongly suggest a second battery. Not very cheap. But, having two batteries to swap one out when one needs charging is HUGE. If your current battery is the 4.0Ah, you might want to grab the 5.0Ah(absolutely love mine-well worth the cost) as your second battery if you weren’t happy with the run time of the 4.0.

Hi there. Could you attach a pic of that page of the manual? Everything we’re finding, including online manuals, say 50 minutes of run time. Reviews say it could be less in very cold weather though.