SodaStream Jet Starter Kit

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SodaStream Jet Starter Kit
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I love my Soda Stream. Works pretty well with the Mio Squeeze type energy drinks. Not quite the same as traditional pop/soda, however I like being able to store a lot of different flavors in a small space.

How it Works

I am not a pop drinker, but this offers quite a few different options for flavors. I love my SodaStream.

Another “love my soda stream” post. Though I really mostly use mine to make sparkling water. You can also just add, like, lemon juice and the like.

Most of the soda flavorings are decent at best, but the tonic is pretty good for a quick GnT.

All of you “I love my Sodastream” people - do you have this model?

I have this model in black which I bought 4-5 yrs ago for around $80 (it included 2 1-liter bottles and a sample flavors pack). This model has been phased out. I have had no problems with it. I get the refilled CO2 from Bed Bath & Beyond for $10 using their $5 off coupon, and I think Kohl’s and Staples have Co2 cartridges as well. One mini-tank of CO2 lasts about 4-5 months depending on how frequently it’s used. I use it almost daily in the summer and mix it with lemon juice and other fruit juices. I have also mixed it with the Mio concentrates as another person posted. It’s one of the most useful “appliances” I have. Highly recommend if you like fizzy water.

There was a time this would have interested me, but I’ve tried SodaStream at friends houses and I just can’t get over the fake sugar taste. Glancing through some of their flavor line’s labels on their website, the only one I saw that didn’t contain acesulfame potassium and sucralose was “naturally sweetened cola,” and I’m not a cola guy. I’ll stick to cans.

Politics aside- this with shipping is $5 cheaper than the mothership (if you have Prime and don’t have additional shipping costs). I think I’d pay the extra $5 for the black and silver model- this white one is an eyesore.

They have a fair range of “natural” syrups that use sugar as their only sweetener (though they’re significantly pricier), and there’s no requirement to use SodaStream’s brand, either. The device makes fizzy water. It’s up to you what you want to put in it.

Hey all. I’m going to delete political posts. Feel free to open up a thread in Everything But Woot.

Comments about the product are welcome.

Last time this was available I remember a discussion about cheaper alternatives. I found this article about a DIY option.

As it relates to the SodaStream, the article talks about the proprietary CO2 canisters as a major drawback.

A DIY system using either a 5-lbs tank or a smaller 20-24 oz tank for paintball guns is very cheap to refill.

The sodastream syrup is the only Aspartame free diet soda available in my area, I buy the syrup and use it with club soda. If the refillable bottles weren’t $10 each I might buy one of these, but half the reason it interests me is that I’m a cheap bastard.

Another “I love my SodaStream” post. Bought this model in black and silver years ago. I am NOT a soda person. There’s no point in keeping it around in my place. But with SodaStream, I’m always ready to make it for company on the fly. Great for quick mixers: tonic, ginger ale, cola. So in a bizarre way, I recommend it for people who don’t really drink a lot of soda. Owning one has helped me be a lot more hospitable and accommodating to guests who do drink it.

Not worth it. I was given one as a gift and went through so many CO2 cartridges, there is not much of a savings. As somebody else mentioned, the fake sugar taste never did compare to the real thing.

SodaStream “Naturals” come in way more flavors than last time I looked. I like the Root Beer.

And there are SO many alternatives to purchasing SodaStream syrups.

The flavors were developed for a European market, so they are going to be less sweet than we’re used to in America. However, you can add a tablespoon or so of Splenda or sugar to the water before carbonating and that’ll help! Just make sure it’s pretty well dissolved first, or let the carbonation out slow enough to not have it squirt water everywhere.

Some people use dry ice to refill the canisters. Obviously, there’s some danger associated with doing this yourself.

I don’t know if they fixed it for this sale, but there were some headaches the last time around.

The sample drink mixes were at (or past) the expiration date.

The coupon for a free cylinder upgrade/exchange was also expired.

If you have a Meijer near you, they’ve been selling the Jet starter kits for the same price with the added benefit of having a full-size cylinder instead of the mini one you get here.