Mastrad Purefizz Soda Maker Set

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Mastrad Purefizz Soda Maker Set
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Check out this review over at and check out some awesome recipes

Walmart offers the Hamilton Beach Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker in Silver, model no. 85101, for $14.88 plus $4.97 for shipping. That’s the lowest total price we could find by $10, although it was a buck less in April. It features ten single-use carbonation cartridges, 1-liter BPA-free bottle, and adjustable fizz control.

where do you get new chargers and how much do they cost?

online, but they’re pricey (about $2 each), compared to buying an iSi soda siphon, which will cost you $35 to start but has cheap cartridges (about 80 cents each).

I cannot find anyone online who would just tell me it they’re interchangeable; they look like they should be, but I just can’t tell.

FYI, I CANNOT RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH for anyone looking into making soda:

Homemade Soda

fabulous basic recipes for both brewed, syrup sodas, and seltzers. The Grape Lavender is a favourite.


Fix the Pumps

which is amazingly good history and recipe book of the history of soda fountains; it covers syrups, seltzers, mixed drinks, phosphates, SO MUCH.

Many of the ingredients will be available locally, but if you need some of the more obscure ones, I recommend The Boston Shaker, in Somerville, MA.

If you’re local, they’re amazing, but their online stuff is great, and they can sell you anything in store if you call them. They’ve had every single thing I’ve ever needed from Fix the Pumps.

(I used to bartend, and I get hired in the Boston community to make syrups for big events. If anyone around Boston went to a Bacardi event between 2010 and 2013, I probably made your simple syrup, pina colada mix, grenadine, etc.)

So do these things use a single cartridge per 750ml or ?

Sorry it’s unclear.


Oh my god, the Fizzini and the Twist-n-Sparkle and all of those plastic one shots are awful. They go flat in seconds.

I myself have the SodaStream, an iSi Siphon, and a 50s era glass siphon that I refurbished. I had the Twist-n-Sparkle that was recalled.

I cannot answer questions about this particular carbonator, but I can tell you to stay clear of most of them that are under $20. You’re using pretty safe chemistry to carbonate, but there’s still a lot of pressure there.

It depends. That’s not helpful, but it depends how fizzy you like it. A light carbonation will fizz the 750mL container three times.

I find using other carbonators that I usually want things more than double what manufacturers think the carbonation should be (and half the syrup they think I should have, too).

My wife just bought 5 cases of soda (cans) today on sale for $10.00. This sale was for Coke, Pepsi or Dr Pepper and a few others. So she usually buys at least 10 cases or more during the sale. This means that one can of 12 oz costs us 16.6 cents a can or $2.00/case.

In contrast, it will require 8 chargers @43 cents each including shipping to make the equivilent of 1 case of soda. The cost of the chargers alone comes to $3.44/case and this reflects ONLY THE COST OF THE CHARGERS. On top of this you need to buy 100 chargers. The cost of the soda maker that you need to buy here, or the syrup that you will also need to buy IS NOT INCLUDED.

The store bought soda is much cheaper if purchased in larger plastic bottles. So where is the savings?

Reviews at Amazon mention using generic charger cartridges, so you’re probably safe. I’ve used these kinds of cartridges with a whipped cream maker and they’re all about the same. Don’t get ones for paintball guns and you’re good.

Thanks for the book recommendations!

So do these things actually work!? Stupid question…probably…but I’ve used one before (granted it was pretty cheap) and didn’t come out near as good as store bought. Anyone happy with the comparison?

I don’t think it’s as much about saving money as it is about making custom flavored stuff to suit your taste. There is also they hey look at this cool thing factor too.

That. right now I have lime pomegranate, strawberry rhubarb, concord grape lavender and and chocolate cherry syrups in my fridge for use with my carbonators.

I also have 2 2Ls of fresca and 5 2Ls of diet coke here, too. and a 4 pack of ginger beer from a local bottler at the farmer’s market. And there’s birch beer fermenting in the basement.

Those of us who like soda…we really like soda.

I have one of these. They do take generic chargers - I got a hundred pack off of Ebay for about $34 - and I use one charger per bottle. I’m really happy with the amount of fizz that I get with these. I always keep the bottle in the fridge so it’ll be prechilled and use refrigerated water as well because the results are better when they’re both cold. The water’s good after sitting for a few minutes, but I find that the bubbles are a bit better distributed if you let it sit for an hour or so.

As for cost equivalency? The cheapest I can find bottles of sparkling water for around here is $.59 per liter. If I’m getting the chargers, I’m spending approximately $.42 per liter (less if I buy in bulk since packs of 200-300 run cheaper), so for me this is a much better deal, not to mention the savings on gas or man power on my end associated with going out and buying the stuff.

As far as comparison with the SodaStream goes, I’m much happier with this. I find that the bubbles get better distributed. I like the bottle better. I like the fact that I can throw juice or wine or other liquids into the Mastrad and carbonate them directly, as opposed to being limited to water and adding flavorings later in the process.

The Mastrad Purefizz produces 24oz of sodawater for a 33 cent CO2 cartidge refill compared to the Sodastream Genesis which makes 60 Liters (2028 oz) for a $10-15 CO2 cartrige refill. My math tells me $10 will only make me 720oz with Purefizz but the stainless steel container makes it hard to resist

This seems amazingly wasteful with those little CO2 cartridges. One of the selling points of soda stream is that you’re buying a relatively big (about 2 lbs) tank of CO2 that can pressurize over 100 liters of water. Or buy this and hook it up to a 5 or 10 lb CO2 tank and regulator that you can fill for peanuts at your local welding supply: The Carbonator

I was wondering about this, are you an Industrial Engineer too?

HEY, can you put wine in this to make it di’ Asti? I love this wine that use to be tons fizzier several harvests ago. Each harvest is more ‘flat’ than the last. I would like to bring back the fizz. Will this device work for me?