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Time to learn How it works

I just got a SodaStream, for Xmas, otherwise I would probably be all over this.

What are the odds we will be seeing bottles of the flavoring, any time soon?

For what it’s worth, Sodastream has been boycotted for building a factory in the West Bank in violation of international law, although last year they announce they would be closing it.

Drink tea.

I really want to buy it, but its made in the Palestinian occupied territories by Israel.

You can read about it if you want at sodastreams wikipedia page:

thats horrible thats why I am not buying it thanks for educating us on this product.

Me three.
Not worth it!

This can be used to your advantage if you’re one that likes to drop Dad Jokes. (Caution: Some Offensive Language)

Some are, some aren’t. The products made in Ma’ale Adumim will simply say “Imported”. Products made elsewhere will say the country of origin.

What does this one say?

I understand the potential ethical concerns over the plant’s location, but given the fact that it’s being closed, I’m not sure further boycotts are necessary.

A year or so ago when all the controversy started, I did some research on the matter. It seemed like the Palestinian employees were all happy to have well paying jobs, and it was held up in the community as a good example of muslims and jews working together. It’s disheartening to see more information coming out since then that paints a different picture.

I’m left wondering which side would work harder to spin the story to their benefit. I’m pretty sure Sodastream has more to gain in doing so, but who knows?

Why am I fretting over international politics when all I want is something that makes fizzy water? :frowning:

The employees are Palestinian, and they were happy to have well paying jobs close to home. Now the factory is closed, and these same employees have to travel long distances and have to pass thru security checkpoints to get to work.

“Truth be told, the SodaStream workers and local Palestinians were downright peeved when asked about the efforts of solidarity activists and their own government to boycott SodaStream. That could cost the hundreds of Palestinians wage earners salaries that are significantly higher than what they would make at home.”

I’m glad that woot didn’t drink the Kool-Aid that boycotters are serving.

Jeez, just wanted to find out if people thought it works good, is worth the money, etc. didn’t want to get involved in an international incident!!!

Bought same model a while ago, returned it. Too hard to get flavor just right, gas cartridges emptied out quickly & were expensive. Reviews seem to be you either love it or hate it; I didn’t think it lived up to the hype & was too expensive to operate.

I recently bought a SodaStream at a local store, and it works as advertised.

However, even the non-diet flavors are sweetened with sucralose (Splenda), in addition to sucrose. If you’re trying to avoid artificial sweeteners, you’ll want to find alternatives to the SodaStream flavors.

I have that very same model, paid alot more for it. I love it and it is still working 2-3 years later, making me palin sodawater every day. The bottles last forever, esp if you do not mix any flavors right in the bottle. I like their sprite flavor and the diet gingerale is pretty good, but mostly I just drink it palin and love it.

You can use regular name brand soda boxes just that you need to use more of the syrup compared to the sodastream bottles. Typically roughly 5x the volume.

The artificial sweetener can be condensed better per bottle and thus have more servings.

I am curious if anybody has broken down how much it costs to make soda water, not including the initial cost of the machine. Just for the ongoing replacement of the co2. How long does a cartridge last, how much does it make, etc? Anybody know?

You guys want to complain about where it is made?? Well why don’t you complain about 90% of goods made in China, you do know that they have very poor conditions at many of those factories. Yet you want to complain about Palestine. GROW UP!!

Cook’s Illustrated priced out the cost of making seltzer with the Sodastream at $0.50 per liter. You can drop this price significantly if you buy an adapter (ebay $20-$30) that will allow you to use standard paintball CO2 canisters (~$3 a refill).