SOG Topo Meridian Knife

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SOG Topo Meridian Knife
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is a pretty good knife. I picked one up on the last woot off. Definitely worth the price.

$47.87 on Amazon good deal Woot!

Didn’t buy this one last time I came up because it came up in a woot-off after I had already bought the Tini but I can say that I am quite happy with that one and it is top of the line so I have no reason to doubt this or any other SOG knife.

cold steel > sog

Damnit I wanted those buckyballs. :frowning:

My wife said I’m not allowed to order knives, swords, or any other sharp objects from woot anymore. Apparently, I have too many already.

Kind of a cheesy looking handle, though.

3 year old model…

I bought one last Woot Off and I’ve been nothing but impressed with mine.

Good feel, though it’s kind of hard to flip the blade out.

It’s a good buy, I’d do it again.

Me too… So fast… -sob-

My Woot! Woot-offs are ridiculous! One Hour and i’ve seen so many items… and i get a monkey soon

Well, it’s not like the blade gets obsolete :slight_smile: