SOLE F63 Treadmill



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SOLE F63 Treadmill
$649.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Welcome all. Wanted to make sure you also say the 24 hour ONLY Plus deal for two other models of Sole treadmills.

FYI: These will ship freight. A physical street address and phone number are required to schedule a delivery appointment to the first point of cover (e.g. patio, garage).


Wow, that looks like it will hold a whole bunch of laundry. And it’s really heavy duty so you should be able to stack the laundry baskets 2 or 3 high on the deck and then fold the deck up to save space when you get done with the washing.


Anyone care to see what the least helpful review video ever created looks like?

This one’s a little bit more helpful

They seem to think it’s a good design but not built for someone who’s going to give it a serious pounding.


lol. Nice find


funny I just happened to be watching the treadmill fail complilation:


I did loads of research before deciding on a home treadmill. I narrowed it down to SOLE FITNESS and SMOOTH brand treadmills. I ended up purchasing the SOLE FITNESS and think I made an excellent choice. It is probably the best home treadmill on the market. That’s my opinion, based on my research.

I like the layout of the console. I like the features on the machine. I like the wide range of incline and speed. I like the excellent quality and I like the fact that the machine folds to make a smaller footprint.


At least the soundtrack is great (not).


This is last years model (2.5 HP motor) this is what they added in the ‘new’ model (so presumably it wasn’t as great in this model) :

The SOLE F63 has been upgraded this year and includes a longer 20" x 60" running surface, a more powerful 3.0 CHP motor, an informative 6.5" LCD display that operates with the included wireless chest strap. All these upgrades continue to show why the F63 is our best selling, most popular treadmill, 8 years running.

This from their web site:


We bought the F85 (3.5 vs 2.5 HP) last Winter for double this price and have absolutely loved it!

I’m 200lbs and run at 7.5-8.0 clip and it handles me like I’m it’s red-headed step child, no hesitation at all.
Not sure how the 2.5 HP would do with my physique, but for lighter humans, I am sure it would be fine.

We have almost 600 miles on it and haven’t had any issues.

The Sole brand has been great for us and their customer service is great!
You can buy an extension on the parts and Labor portion of the warranty from Sole directly.

Folds up super easy to about 1/3 its open footprint.

Definitely recommend putting it on some sort of padded surface. We bought some interlocking floor pads from Sears for like $20 that work great.

Looks like WOOT has the F85 as well. Would strongly recommend it for heavier users like myself!


I sell fitness equipment at a major retail store. IMO SOLE at regular price are overpriced. Nordictrack usually has more features at a lower price point. In terms of reliability I see about the same number of issues between SOLE and Nordictrack, things like the console going bad or gear noise. Rarely something like the logic board or a motor winding goes out.
This is one of the last models to have actual buttons on the console. The newer ones have these annoying flat “buttons” that are under the console, the panel is totally flat. Nordictrack, Pro-form and others use the same type of buttons. Overall I think SOLE are better built machines but 90% of owners will never use them anywhere close to max.
At this price its a no-brainer.


I’ve had this very model for 3 years. Very sturdy, great warranties. Quiet, as far as treadmills go. So many other models seem soooo weak and puny. This one can handle punishment. I use mine every single day, for at least 4-5 miles.

For price vs quality, you can’t go wrong (especially at this price). If mine ever burned to the ground (which I’m 100% confident it WONT), I’d get it again in a heartbeat.


We have SOLE workout equipment at home, and the build quality is very high. It is as rugged as the professional equipment in exercise rooms at hotels, and much quieter. It also requires very little preventative maintenance.


SOLE has a good reputation in the industry. This price is about $100 cheaper then other places (such as Amazon) for this particular middle of the road treadmill. This model would probably best fit the 250 to 500 miles a year TM runner.


I want to buy it just to see the delivery mans face while he carries it up my stairs. #foreveralone

Is this the right time for that tag?


Do they delivery it in the house?


Please guide, is there any assembly required???


I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews regarding software issues. Has anyone experienced this?


We bought this model for over double the price a few years ago. I am a runner and also tall and need a long track and also enjoy the wider belt. This Sole treadmill is quite the deal! The assembly went very smooth. It is a solid sturdy and quiet machine and has a spring button to fold-up. You will find in research of other treadmills that Sole is a leader in quality!