Sonoma Harvest Coconut Oil (2)

So many uses for this product:
Used it to make pancakes this weekend (instead of oil or butter on the skillet). It is a good natural moisturizer for babies with dry skin, or rashy butts… and it is also my go to personal lubricant, you know, for anything that needs lubricant…

So, how is this different from and why does it claim to cost so much more?

I count it as costing (slightly) less.

$15.99 - 29oz Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
$12.99 - 14oz Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

$28.98 - Total

I’d rather save $20 and buy a jar from any local grocery store for the same thing.

Orderwd on the 20th, still not shipped, but CS says I only have 12 hours to cancel after ordering. Why does it usually take so long to ship things from wine.woot? Please cancel the order.

Hi there. Sorry for the problems. We’re not CS here. You will need to contact for assistance.

I did, they said since it’s a quick sale I only had 12 hours to cancel even though this item isn’t even for sale anymore, nor shipped.

Business day 15 and still not shipped. Refund me.

Oh man, sorry. I’ve added you to my report for CS tonight.