Sony 420 Watt Home Theater System


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Item qty: 650, Last Order: 8:46 AM CST, Wooter to blame: wsd1568
Order Pace: 0m 48.616s, Woot Wage: $8,885.22/hour.


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Autvincere breaks down the stats and gives his opinion on this system.


Wow! A poor man’s woot.
With a $15 DVD player added to it you can have great home theater for cheap.

(How did I ever get before Mac Daddy1?? Newest woot record :D)


Whiner’s List

Thanks to Allgoodpeople for making it back home safe and sound and for keeping America safe for democracy. Woo Hoo!

Continuing the tradition, tonight’s winners were selected based upon their ability to whine and say something mildly humorous, unlike mac daddy, who is only funny looking. The list presents the following lucky people. Disclaimer: Any resemblance to comedy is purely unintentional. Anyone who thinks they’re funny probably didn’t make the list. Anyone who knows they’re funny DEFINITELY didn’t make the list. No comedians were harmed in the making of this list. Saying “this woot sucks” does not constitute humor nor originality. You’re lucky the humor police don’t come and arrest you!

borntabbal - 1 (Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat em, the more you woot! ) born a poet but we didn’t know it. check his feet, they’re longfellows!
Monkeyrod - 1 (if i didn’t have a room full of WOOTERS and mids and tweeters, i would buy it) (I’m new, ever anything good on here?) Just you, monkeyrod, just you.
bluesteel - 1 (My Panasonic had one, ((an intedgrated DVD player)) I accidently got my hand caught in it, and now the system is pretty much useless.)
iruledavidland - 1 speaking about bluesteel, (Please don’t take this the wrong way, I mean no disrespect. but I just want to laugh for days at you.)
AlpooplA - 1 talking about bluesteel (Was there blood involved? You are very fortunate that it was your hand and not…)
pixelvisions - 1 (those speakers have less range than a B.B. gun.)
ilmickeyli - 1 (i’m torn between this and the same system for 35 more…)
ivansilvatech - 1 (420, such a nice round number, i think i’m sold… )
jamzgo - 1 (please don’t sell out…i just need it to be there in the morning so that i can have my folks reload my debit card)
Throdo - 1 (Its a great started home theater system… ) how long you been on the road?
Autvincere - 1 (…so I have to be conscious that my main speakers that are 93db that when I pump 1 watt that it sounds about 50% louder in that other room than the room I am adjusting the knob with.) You adjust your room with a knob?
mac daddy - 1 (i never have anything funny to say)
Total - 12

honorable mention goes to mainal50. man, I’ve never seen anyone try so hard to get on the whiner’s list! You came this close!


Awesome deal!


refurb… no thnx


I find it eerily coincidental that I’m watching Arrested Development right now.




I have one. The 300-watt version is pretty darn sweet - and this price beats any retail I’ve seen.

I highly recommend it. Good HTIB at a great price!


already got 1 thnx


Nice WOOT!!!

Sony 420 Watt Home Theater System $119.99 + $5 shipping

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Now you’re playing with power!


wow… tastes alright…


Looks pretty good


Not bad


Woot Watts! Cool!!!


Oh crap I missed it again…


meh too expensive

and i dont need it


too much for refurb


like the sony action…maybe later