Sony PlayStation Vita

Assuming the image is correct, this is the revised model (PCH-2000). The main differences between this and the original model (PCH-1000) are:

  1. Backlit LCD screen (vs. OLED on the original)
  2. 1 GB on-board storage (though that’s just barely enough to get you started)
  3. Slightly longer battery life between charges
  4. Micro-USB charger port (where the original only had a proprietary charging port)

Images show this is the 1000 dosent have the micro usb charge port 140 seems a bit ridiculous for this though for the first gen though about as much as i payed for the new model when the screen started going on my first gen

Correct. We are selling the 1st gen version of this product.

Can you find out what version Firmware these units are running?

Can you find out what version Firmware these units are running?

Our vendor manager says that it’s 3.51 on the sample he got of this product. Hope that helps!

That helps a lot. Thanks! Purchased!

Pulled the trigger on this when it was on sell.out at woot about a week ago. Do not buy, terrible price for a product with only a 90 day warranty - comes in brown box with handheld wrapped in bubble wrap and a charger - that’s it. You can get a brand new one (albeit PSP 2000 model) with 8 gb memory card and borderlands 2 for 200 bux on the target website. Tried to cancel my order after I found out just how much of bad price this was but it was pass the two hour mark. If you are in the market for a homebrew system, that would be the only reason this should appeal to you. Otherwise, I recommend against making the same mistake I did.