Soyo Freestyler 500 Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth USB Adapter



Like a [Froogle]( Freestyler 500

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3 stars on Amazon…

4 stars from someone on Epinions…


Darn you, Woot. So tempting. I’d love to have a not-so-annoying headset and look ultra-cool at the same time while spewing obscenities on CounterStrike Source.

But I need to save my money, for like. Food.


What about the bluetooth dongle? Is that any good? I’d love to be able to transfer stuff between my laptop and phone.


Chevy: Like a Rock.


Does this work with my digital camera without bluetooth…otherwise…not worth it…I don’t want to look like a d-bag with the black thing in my ear.


Question: If EVERYONE on Woot! buys a bluetooth headset, will they finally stop offering them?

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that…


Tagline’s from Chevrolet…


Aw daggit! I just bought a USB bluetooth adapter and bluetooth headset to use with skype… I paid much more for it… Woot is taunting me yet again!


can you use it with a macbook without the adapter since they have built in bleu tooth?


can i use the usb adapter to connect a wiimote to my b0x0r?


Like a virgin.


I like my Samsung Wep-200, I need no other


anyone wearing these things does look like a d-bag

i’m not saying they’re not useful, I’m sayin tho


does it work for vista it says it has xp drivers but i need one for vista so i could use my bluetooth keyboard i been kinda lazy to get one


I bought this headset before. It has the interesting distinction of making EVERYONE sound like they’re on AM radio. However, it’s possible to configure it to clip the mic on your shirt and have just the earphone wire in your ear, so you don’t look like one of those stuck-up 24/7 bluetoothers.


Been a Woot! before - check out the other posts (minus the adapter . . )

Oh, and it was $7.99 for the headset alone. Might be worth the additional $ with the adapter . . . YMMV (your mileage may vary)


another bluetooth headset?

sigh…guess I’ll have to wait another day and see if I pop my woot cherry tomorrow.