Speaker Docks & Bluetooth Speakers

what kind of charger port does the fine audio bluetooth speaker have?

It comes with a USB cable so I’m guessing micro or mini USB.

Those lynx are a steal at that price - funny colors but great sound and easy to sync to - enjoy!

The crashers are cheaper on Amazon…

I have a JLab Crasher, a Pyle Marine, and a Lynx speaker. Each have some good features that may lead you to one over the other.

Lynx – best price point of any of them. It is functional as a Bluetooth headset but not the best speakerphone out there. This will not get booming bass or the biggest sound but is a really nice sub-$20 speaker. I use mine in the bathroom when I clean, shower, etc. This probably isn’t a bad option for a guestroom. The AUX jack is very useful.

JLab Crasher – this one is probably the best all around. The Bluetooth speakerphone works well and I sometimes use this for conference calls. Sound quality is good, battery life is amazing, and as an added feature, you can charge other devices using the USB port. I have given these as gifts. This also has an AUX jack. I use this as the main PC speakers for my little Asus netbook.

Pyle Marine – this is a solid, heavy, good sounding speaker. This speaker provides pretty good bass for its size and overall sound quality is great. The battery life is respectable and the loop on the end makes it good for hanging. I use mine primarily on the patio or when working in the yard. I will sometimes hang it from a shepard’s hook or a hook for hanging plants when I’m outside. I have not submerged it (not recommended) but it seems to hold up to splashes pretty well. I liked mine so much I gifted one to an outdoorsy friend of mine that boats, camps, hunts, and has creekside parties on the property. This does not have an AUX jack. I purchased a separate Bluetooth transmitter to use with non-Bluetooth devices like the Zune or my older Sansa players.

Best price – Lynx
Best features – JLab
Best sound – Pyle

It charges via micro usb.

is the fine audio bluetooth speaker good? I just bought one and i want to make sure that i took the correct choice

I can’t seem to find the crashers on amazon for cheaper. The cheapest i found is $59 without buying used.

I think the price went up since I posted that, but at least on the marketplace there is this: