Sphero App Controlled Robotic Ball

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Cat toy!

More info on the Product Page
Article and video from Cnet

Let’s watch this little guy in action [youtube=x9MAeRKp3mA][/youtube]

Should have appeared in Sellout’s pet-theme sales this week!

I don’t get it. Woot’s stated original price of $129 is for the 2.0 model. Yet the product description says 1.0, and the specs (50-ft bluetooth range) are in line with the 1.0 model. So which is it?

Just to clarify, the model being sold today is the 1.0 Version. All of the specifications/details should reflect that model.
We have changed updated the sale to reflect the correct MSRP/Price point.

Thanks for spotting the information!

Gonna look around and see if their are any apps that will make this run autonomously.

Can’t have pets in my apartment building :frowning: Maybe this could be a poor substitute for my dog back home

It (version 1.0) was $129 a few months ago…

Here is a pretty cool video if you need some ideas on what to do with this thing. The ‘pet toy’ and ‘golf’ applications seem pretty cool.


These things are actually pretty cool. We recently started selling them at my work (Marbles: The Brain Store-awesome place, look it up). Version 1.0 is cool (and totally worth that price) but if you are at all intrigued you should get the new model (2.0). Its $129 (which is how much v1.0 was originally) and hits speeds of 7 ft/s compared to v1.0s 3 ft/s. It also has brighter LEDs and is easier to control due to a lower center of gravity and other internal adjustments. Oh, and it comes with two ramps in the box-Win.

Also, if you’re interested in Sphero as a pet toy, v2.0 is the way to go since it is fast enough to evade pets and actually give them a good workout whereas v1.0 is pretty slow in comparison and easy for pets to corner and capture.

Here is 2.0’s announcement trailer: [youtube=5Bg88VkWGOQ][/youtube]


Here is what it looks like on the inside;

From http://www.technologyreview.com/hack/426981/rolling-rolling-rolling/


This reminds me of that old TV show “THE PRISONER” … trapped on an island and if you tried to escape you were chased down by a “WHITE BALL”.

I am showing my age here…

Give me a flying one like in the movie ‘Phantasm’ and we’ll be on to something…

Tempted, but 2.0 is supposed to be so much better…

The question is not “Why?”
The question is “Why not?”

I had one of these for a few days when they were first released - the controls weren’t all that accurate - ended up returning it. It was interesting, but not $100 so.

Not sure why you’d make something that’s designed to roll around on the floor white and shiny…