Sphero App Controlled Robotic Ball

Sphero App Controlled Robotic Ball
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Sphero App Controlled Robotic Ball
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New


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I was considering purchasing one of these recently, but ultimately concluded that Sphero Ball version 2.0 was a much better investment. The revision increases the speed and the brightness and is overall a much nicer product.

More info on the Product Page
Article and video from Cnet

So, basically about $5 cheaper than Amazon’s any day price?

gave this an “excellent” review

[MOD: These are the v2.]

Also for the extra $5 you get predictable shipping and delivery.

Wish Woot would have had a better deal on these.

What version of Bluetooth works further than 10 meters?
“Bluetooth Range: Up to 50 feet”

The Sphero hardware is still some of the neatest stuff to ever be designed – even the 1.0 version.

The software, on the other hand, has been evolving these past few years, and not in any good directions. If you think you’re just going to fire up the application and drive around, well… for at least some time, that wasn’t an option. They took that away with a software update! They made it so you had to join in with their completely gamefied and monetized environment that includes needless push messages, inscrutable user interfaces, and features that hide behind paywalls. Based on the howls of their users, they did add back in a ‘just drive’ mode, but it still comes in the same bloated app. It used to be that you could start with the basic app and add on additional apps to get the splashy stuff. Now, there is no basic app, and support will not let you access the older APKs, either.

There’s one secret, though. If you grab the Sphero Multi Drive app and nothing else, you’ll get everything you actually need without all the fluff.

It is also able to control multiple spheros, so if you splurge and buy three at a time, you want this app anyway.

I understand the company that made this thingy is really opposed to it being seen as a pet toy.

Which is kind of a shame, because if you have ever wanted to confuse the everliving swears out of your cat, this thing is more or less unparalleled. They’ve figured out the red dot comes from the clicky thing and I’ll let them on the counter when I’m not cooking, but they have no idea what makes this thing careen in a circle around the bedpost. It’s lovely to watch!

I’m tempted to get version 2 of this little ball, I’m curious if there is an app or a way to get the ball the follow you around without pushing buttons. It’d seem pretty easy seeing as it can already detect your direction and whatnot with the bluetooth.

Just seeing if it’s already been done, as that’d be funny to slip my phone into peoples pockets as they come over to have it follow them.

Crud… I just bought one from amazon for $59… I could have saved enough to buy me a latte.

Does this work with windows phone? Thank you

I bought this last time it was offered. I hoped it would give my Beagles some exercise. I got up and running with a Nexus 7 tablet as the controller fairly quickly.

However when I tried to use my Samsung Charge Android Phone the default software wasn’t compatible with it and just errored-out every time I tried to start it. Had to download some other software that wasn’t as useful to get it to do anything.

Unfortunately the dogs completely ignore it. It tends to get stuck on little obstacles like extension cords. I’m finding I’m almost always having to re-orient the controls.

It’s an interesting time waster but after 15 minutes I’ll probably never use it again.

My thoughts exactly. My first question was “Why?”

Agreed. It wasn’t as entertaining for my cats or for myself as I thought it would be. :frowning:

I played it at the airport at one of the stores where it sells for 100$. It was fun for a few minutes. Even at 50$ it is still just a cat toy.

I had the same thoughts. Sadly, the first unit I got was defective. The company stepped up and got me a new one straight away and even threw in a cover for free. Once I got it working, the dog loved… for a few minutes. The biggest problem for us is that it’s just too slow. My goldie can catch it right away. And then she sort of gets bored with it after a few minutes. So we only take it out every few days.

It’s a neat toy. It does take some time to get used to. But all in all, I think I’ll save up for the v2 model which is supposed to be like three times faster than this one.

Put a spy cam in it and I’m sold