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I like the quality of DeMarini Tee bats. They seem easier to swing for my 4 year old girl, and she doesn’t complain about excessive shock or anything. In for one, at this price, I should probably be getting two. But "26 is going to be for the bigger kids as it’s the larger size tee bat, and she won’t be needing this size for 8 or 9 months.

Not happy with you Woot. I purchased the hunting hoodie on May 19th. It’s still not been delivered. BUT YOU HAVE IT FOR SALE HERE. I’ll bet if I purchased another one I would get it before the original sale.

I’m sorry to hear your hoodie hasn’t shown up yet. Have you sent your issue and order details to yet? If not, CS can help figure out what’s up. Let us know how things go.

Yes. I have contacted the complaint dept three times. They just tell me to wait a bit longer. It’s been over three weeks, and there still isn’t even a tracking number for the missing three items.

A coffee mug with a gun handle. Really, Woot!? There have been school shootings every week. Guns aren’t funny or stylish. It’S like the pens shaped like hypodermic syringes. Just wrong!!!

admit it. you have these