Zombeer Zip-Up Hoodie & Bonus


I snagged the beer kit.


I just want the lederhosen bottle sweater. Wait, does that come with both products?

I expected this to sell out way faster than this.

So what I actually read there was that you were going to brew some oatmeal stout and send it to the writer’s room? :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I might drink it all, before I get to the post office.

And not only did I get the beer kit, I got an awesome zip-up hoodie, for bonfire night.

along with the freaker

Yes, that too.

Fair enough, it was worth a shot. Haha!

Out of curiosity, I looked up the prices of the Freaker and Mr Beer Beer kit. Freakers are $9.99, each. The beer kit is at least $64.95.

I’d say I got a pretty good deal, for just $40.

For those of us who ordered the combo (of this or other shirt-off deals) - when should we expect to hear from someone about what size we’d like? My spam filter has been increasingly ravenous and I keep worrying that I’ll miss the email(s) about the things I ordered without a specific size.

I just began wondering this myself. It’s been over a week.

Looking into this guys. Hopefully we’ll have a quick follow-up.

I sent an email off, regarding this. My reply said to watch for the shipping to update in the next couple days. Sounds pretty automated, if you ask me.

I finally got an email, regarding my shirt size; that was 10/28. As of today I haven’t heard anything else and it still hasn’t shipped. So much for a quick followup to their quick followup.

I have a feeling I won’t be wearing this for Halloween, this year. Just sayin’.

I’m still used to the old shipping times - if you want to have it for XYZ day, you have to order a month ahead. (Really am glad I got this for Christmas and not Halloween, though!)

Also, I got my sizing email about the same day that you did. It seems the planning for sizing the bundles was not without its loopholes.

A month? Wow! That almost sounds like Tanga. At least they let you know it could be 10 days before they ship.

I wonder how many people got the beer kit. Obviously, at least three people did. I guess that explains why it was so easy to get one.

Yeah, I meant that it could take a month to arrive - not to ship out.

The wait on this is getting ridiculous, it took 2 weeks to send out a size email. Now we are 3 weeks out and this hasn’t shipped - and there is not even a courtesy update?