Random Shirt

Random Shirt Day is something we can all be thankful for.

Time to get your randoms on…

and let’s hear all the Religious freaks flip over the $6.66 price tag.

Okay, I’ll buy just as long its a color that doesn’t make me look fat… um wait… every color makes me look fat.

write up says order three but you can only get one. so sad

Why is it limiting me to one?

Silly woot… Lady Sovereign was never actually relevant except in her own hype machine. You can’t come back in vogue if you’ve never been in vogue in the first place.

Yeah, I just noticed that. Seems like a miscommunication somewhere.

Can only order one? Sadness.

Limited to just 1? Am I the only one? Yeah, I didn’t read all of the description, so if the answer’s in there, I apologize in advance. I just want me some randoms.

normally I would buy 3 cause there is a 80% chance the shirt I get won’t be wearable but since we are only limited to one…ill be opting out

If you’re going to only let us buy one don’t chastise those who don’t buy three in the write up. That’s just mean.

I give praise to the blurry question mark

im not happy with being limited to only one shirt. this is the first random shirt day that left me feeling empty and cold. =( someone make me feel better

will the random shirt be one of those linked in the description? or is the pool bigger than that?

The last random shirt sale was less than two months ago, so I imagine that the warehouse is still pretty empty.

(Always hopeful) Perhaps if you buy just one before they fix the order page, you still get 3…

I concur. I love 3 random shirts. One random shirt is less exciting. Especially with the writeup mocking, mocking me.

you tell me to order 3 then only allow me to order one, so when i only get one, can i still complain?

Umm, that’s more than a bit offensive, thanks.