Stainless 6QT Pressure Cooker - 2 Colors

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Stainless 6QT Pressure Cooker - 2 Colors
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[MOD: Probably close but looks like a different model]

I can’t handle the pressure…

Not the brand I have but highly recommend these pressure cooker’s. Makes the best pull apart chicken in minutes. :grinning:

Is this the Freddie Mercury model?

There are probably a dozen minor variations of the same Chinese chassis with all kinds of names and all about the same price.

Mine works great, much easier than the stove-top unit I used.

Save a ton of money by cooking one-pot meals from scratch.

Add meat, potatoes, onions, some seasoning and sufficient water and press the button.

Vegan or whatever, cook beans FAST, especially if you pre-soak. (Read directions on quantities of beans to prevent escape valve clogging.)

Combine rice and chicken and whatever for a one-pot meal with leftovers!

For the price of a few pizzas, you can eat healthier and cheaper.

I was searching around looking for the correct manual as I was wondering if this offered the full range of cooking options, rice steamer, high heat and it does sort of, though I never did find the correct manual. You can not set a specific temperature and time but instead hit one of the pre-programmed buttons and there is an additional time button.
Mostly positive reviews, only negatives is at 6.3 quarts it’s a little small and some people said it was hard to clean which is surprising considering it has a removable liner pot.
I’m really looking for full programmability, but I did find it’s over on groupon for $72 shipped.

Does anyone know if this comes with a cookbook?

I don’t think so, but there are plenty of recipes online. I love getting mine from Youtube, so that I can see what the final result will look like before I attempt to make it.

Only a 90 day warranty? Seems the company doesn’t have much faith in the product.
Alternatively Costco has a similar Cuisinart model for $69 that includes a three year warranty. No contest if you ask me.

I have an Instapot, was only ~$20 more on the mothership back for black Friday two years ago. I would mistrust the 90-day warranty, and frankly, wouldn’t want to risk my health and safety to an off-brand imitation which probably can’t be traced when the thing blows up.

I’m not saying it will, but you got >15psi of pressure at 250F in that thing, and if the safety mechanisms fail, you got yourself a messy explosion and shrapnel all the way to the neighbors.

I bought the Instant Pot version on Amazon Prime day and it came with a small manual and it had about a dozen recipes. Amazon has several cookbooks for it.

We cooked a frozen pork tenderloin to shredding consistency in less than an hour. Pulled pork tacos FTW!

So I just got this today and it was packed without the rubber gasket that creates the seal between the lid and the pot. Not Woot’s fault, but man… anyway, I called customer service and it turns out they have an office in NY. So I’ll be wasting a few hours visiting it today. Will let you know how it goes.

Emson is the name of the company that sells Big Boss products.