Stanley 65 Piece Standard & Metric Socket Set



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Stanley 65 Piece Standard & Metric Socket Set
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Stanley 65 Piece Standard & Metric Socket Set 85-437


looks pretty nice… craftsman is better tho lol


nice woot
too bad i have a nice craftsman set




Sadly I have enough tools already : - (


gonna grab me one of these


not a bad price, but does anybody know about the quality of stanley tools? ive never used em.


Dangit - last year when I needed a socket set I didn’t have one. Then I got TWO sets for the holidays and now I don’t need one. Jeez w00t… why don’t you pay more attention to my life?!


If IT’S not Craftsman not worth the price unless it’s free.


Lowest price (only two)


nine 3/8” Drive 12 Point Deep SAE Sockets (3/8” – 7/8”)
nine 3/8” Drive 6 Point Deep Metric Sockets (10mm – 19mm)

Those alone make this deal awesome. If I didn’t already have deep sockets, I’d be all over this one.


Craftsman > Stanley. night.


Listed on amazon for $60:
amazon link

Looks like a good deal. Don’t need it though.


Not that great of a woot.
I have seen better prices for comparable sets at the local box store.
And by my expierence, Stanley tools are about a 6 on a scale of 10.


I’d say deal if it was lifetime warranty.


Why… woot WHY…

just missed my dads birthday, how sad.


oooohhh tools, just what we all need. sockets! if I knew what to do with these I would buy them


for the cheap mechanic


Not a bad price, however, if you locate a Snap-On dealer or a Sears you can pay about twice as much and get a LIFETIME warranty instead of just one year. I prefer Craftsman tools, though.