Stinger Rechargeable Bug Zapper Lantern

Stinger Rechargeable Bug Zapper Lantern

I bought one of these bug zappers and it is a piece of crap. It zapped one bug in 24 hrs. I wish I would have saved my money.

Oh woot, DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT THE INNOCENT BUGS?!? Gosh, you’re so insensitive.

Yum, those hamburgers are especially tasty today! What’s your secret, mosquito bits you say? Yum!!

Don’t knock it until you try it. And after cows and livestock are eventually outlawed, you will be smacking your lips over roasted locust and commenting on the delightfully, nutty, yet meaty texture. Bugs - it’s whats for dinner.

Are you sure that wasn’t the only bug you had in the area? haha, jk…
I bought 2 of these and the electrical screen was caked with guilty bugs after just 1 night of use. Pro Tip: Use a leaf blower to clear the bugs off the screen. Just make sure you have the zapper securely held in place to avoid blowing it away and damaging it.

I sense a bit of sarcasm here (I hope :wink:)… Although I understand the concern folks have about bug zappers killing essential bugs, but I’m willing to bet that a large majority of those same people drive their vehicles at night. What do they think those winged things are stuck to the front surfaces of their vehicle, and in the radiator?


Maybe they were too far away. It says it is only good for 25 inches: the size of a 25 in x 25 in. patio

Maybe you are supposed to swing it around like one of those electric tennis racquet bug zappers.

Now I am picturing a flail with a bug zapper on the end… ninja bud killer

I got a two-pack of these from another deal a day site for a little more than this single.

It’s hard to gauge effectiveness overall, but during blackfly season in maine it makes a satisfying “pop” every minute…and each fly zapped is one less bite. Part of a balanced defense array of citronella tiki torches, deet, campfire.

There is no one selling the mosquito bait that comes with this, not even the manufacturer.

I did find 1 seller on Amazon selling the Stinger brand (Nosquito) bait, but at $30 for 1 refill, I’d consider some of the cheaper (still pricey) alternatives. The bait doesn’t necessarily need to attach to the tray like the Stinger bait does. Just as long as it’s at the source [zapper].

“Covers up to 625 sq. ft. approximately the size of a 25 in x 25 in. patio, deck or camping space”

25 inch x 25 inch???

Small patio?

Fixed it to match the paragraph above it.

My aunt and I were camping in Nova Scotia and she got bit in the corner of her eye by one of those huge black flats you guys have in your area - took a chunk out of eyelid and corner of her eye - swelled up huge, it was bad…zap away my friend