SURVEY: Select-a-size paper towels or traditional?


Select-a-size, if I can find them on sale…

whatever happens to be on sale.

but all other factors equal, select-a-size.

Either . . . as long as they have a pretty floral pattern.

Select-A-Size, of course!

Plain white is fine for me as I don’t display paper products as a decor item in my home. You get the same quantity but use less if you don’t need a full sheet all the time. Love 'em!

me too. I often need a small amount, to wipe up coffee, blood stains, etc.

we must be unusually strong at the 1 household, as we just resort to tearing a suitably sized piece off of a normal paper towel roll. perforations are for wimps.

We just buy the cheapest we can find which means ya need four times as many to wipe up any spill - regardless of size or amount.

efficient wimps. Because the ‘normal sized’ paper towels are bigger than almost any spill (other than the ever risked dog pee) would need, there’s a real unseen tendency to use a whole perforated towel, even when you don’t realize it. if the ‘regular sized’ towel isn’t as large, then you waste less. without even realizing it.

bah! realize moar!

I always get plain white. Loved Viva, but all of a sudden they wouldn’t tear worth a darn; either got a half of one or three. Finally quit. Trying Scott now.

We just select-a-cat.

Blood is a big problem in your house?

Use costco, which are huge.
Hubby gets mad when I get the select a size. It is like he can’t figure out that he can select two or three.

Select-a-size unless the regular is cheap. Kids only need a half towel most of the time so we end up ripping a lot

you just leave the bloodstains everywhere, bubba?

I don’t need to worry about blood.

What do you think happened to everyone who stopped posting here?
I haven’t been caught yet!


Me, too!

I’m impressed if you can do this with one hand. When I want a paper towel, I want to just be able to rip it off.

Even no1 didn’t believe me?


I am a failure as a Bubba.