Swash 1000 Bidet Toilet Seat - Your Choice

Not sure how these compare from a functionality and durability standpoint, but tushy.me caught my attention a few months ago. When I move back home to the states in a few months, my plan is to go that route. Having lived in Europe for the past two years, I can tell you that a Bidet is invaluable! My plan was to wait for one of these deals to come up on woot then pull the trigger. But then I found that other product for considerably less, so now I’m not sure what I’ll ultimately go with.

Aesthetically speaking, these seats seem to be more compact, without having anything sticking out the side of the toilet. But for me, I don’t know if that justifies paying 4-5X for this one.


I giveth the information. Thou dost what thou pleases.

Why in the world is this listed under Tools and Garden??

Nobody knows…but congrats on being the first to ask (there will be others…there always are).

Why in the world is this listed under Tools and Garden??

Why in the world is this listed under Tools and Garden?

Why in the world is this listed under Tools and Garden?

Why in the world is this listed under Tools and Garden??

four hours is pretty standard for this question, nice job.

Go for this one. I had a brondell unit that was similar to the “tushy”(which I also bought on woot). It was a good first attempt, but the feature-set on this unit, and the appearance is definitely worth the money.
Heated seat, adjustable water pressure, blow drier, deodorizing. etc.
It came down to my wife not liking the appearance of the bidet attachment, it looked cheap. You’re going to end up with the bidet seat, don’t waste the money on the interim tushy.

Would you buy this at Home Depot or JC Penney?

Most likely, Hope Depot - a store for Tools & Garden stuff. :tongue:

Good grief, almost $400? I can buy what is, as far as I can tell, a very similar product for less than a tenth of that. I must be missing something. Does this particular model turn the water into champagne before it shoots it up…

yeah maybe I better not finish that sentence.

Wooted this same model a little over a year ago for a much higher price and I still think it was worth it. Husband got hooked on bidets from frequent business travel to Japan. When we built our house we had an outlet wired in behind the toilet, knowing we’d get one at some point. It’s a well made seat and functions exactly like it’s designed to. The heated spray and heated seat are heaven in winter. If you’re thinking of getting a bidet seat, you can’t go wrong with this one.

It appears I would buy it from JC Penney actually…

Very similar?

Not for 1/10 the cost. The ones you find for that cost are very basic models.

The biggest difference? This one HEATS the water before it hits your rectum. The ones for cheaper don’t actually warm the water, so you have to wait for the warm water from your hot water heater. Cold water on your cornhole is not fun.

The other differences are the remote (which is nice to have as opposed to contorting yourself to turn on the water) which controls the pressure, temperature and nozzle position. Sometimes you want that nozzle to point at different areas of your crack.

It also has different nozzles for your poop chute and snatch hatch. Cuts down on the risk of any infections of that region.

The seat is heated. Which is great on cold mornings.

The nozzles retract and they sanitize themselves. Cheaper models don’t have retractable nozzles so you end up getting poo on them.

The seat cover is strong enough to sit on, which is not something you will find with the cheaper models.

I bought the Swash 900 about 4 years ago and it is the best $400 I ever spent. Just be sure to get the $25 filter if you have hard or silty water.

I started with a cheaper $40-$50 attachment that I also bought on woot. I upgraded months later to this very model. There is no comparison in features and “aesthetic”.

I’ve purchased a second bidet seat (bio bidet) and now have bidet seats in master and guest bath. I will NEVER live without one.

I can say with great confidence that the bidet seats are my all time favorite woots out of almost 200.

Figures. :tongue:

A well written, informative post which includes the words “cornhole” “poop shoot” and “snatch hatch”. Best. Post. EVER.

Amazon needs to hire you as a copywriter.

Well written recommendation. I use one & agree completely. One small correction, if I may. The water jet actually cleanses the anus, though I suppose 60+ GPM of water might dilate the anus enough to cleanse the rectum as well.

The reality is, folks, if you don’t use water to remove any remaining stool, toilet paper removes some, & just rubs the remainder around. For us guys with hairy bums- not a pleasant outcome.