Sweet Deals on Fitness Stuff

I will pop in again to say how much I love the $5 draw string bag. If you buy something else and have free shipping, get one. If you are a guy and not into pink, get one for the woman in your life, they will thank you.

i was on the fence but decided to go for it thanks to your comment! looks to be the perfect size for a gym bag

I think you could fit whatever you need, but maybe not the shoes. I use it often for a swim bag and I put a small kid size hooded towel, swimsuit, flip flops, goggles and a change of clothes for my 5 yr old and I’m pretty sure adult size shoes would not fit with that. Otherwise, it’s a great grab and go bag.

I had this Kettle Bell before a move and somehow it was lost. I have been looking everywhere for a replacement! I love the DVD workout because it has different levels so you can start slow then work your way up. Great to have for those long days you can’t make it to the gym. I also ordered the stability ball, I hope it is just as good.

The $5 bags are perfect birthday presents for the tween girl age group! Bought 3 last time and in for 3 more this time! Perfect for dance bags, swim stuff or soccer practice.

I got one of the stability balls - they were out of mediums so I got the small after reading some advice on height vs size needed.

Anyone else got feedback on 5’6" on small? If it doesnt fit me I guess I’ll gift it to my 5’2" daughter.

I’m thinking of doing the same, and am hesitant. I’m 5’7", Daughter is 5’4" and last time I bought a balance ball “the boy” took it outside and popped it playing with his buddies.

Does this fold up pretty small? I’m looking for something I can tuck in the pocket of a windbreaker or cycling jersey.

A little late now that it’s sold out, but it will probably be back at some point so here goes anyway… It does fold up small, but the cord itself is a little thick and I would probably not try to stuff it in a pocket of a jacket. You would need something with a thinner cord. In the pocket of a larger duffle or backpack would work though, we use it sometimes as a wet bag for suits if both my daughter and I are swimming.

I got mine today and it’s fine for me at 5’6" - so I’d say go for it.

I haven’t done the dvd exercises yet but sat on it and balanced while watching tv (baby steps) and could really feel the abs and obliques engaging.

So for 7 bucks if thats all I ever do I’m happy.