Tanaka 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

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Tanaka 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw
Price: $269.99
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Time to check out the product page and lets learn all about Tanaka

Jeez. Really thinking about this one. Just went to Lowes yesterday and was looking at buying a Husqavarna 18"

Someone convince me

Perfect Reviews at Amazon

The Husqavarna is a little more than 5lbs lighter. I can’t speak to the quality Tanaka, but I do know that the nicer chainsaws tend to weigh less:) My brother in law has been using a poulan for a long time and when he upgraded, and incidentally got a Husq, he was really concerned about the weight and how it wears on you when you’re doing a lot of work with it.

That’s all the anecdote I have for today.

Tanaka and Hitachi as far as I can tell are the same thing, the hitachis are just green color but otherwise only minor differences. I have the hitachi branded version of this 50.1 cc 20" chainsaw, and also the 14" smaller chainsaw, I think 32cc. I also have a bunch of other chainsaws including poulan pro 20". Right now I user the 14" hitachi about 90% of the time to cut up stuff up to a foot in diameter but often less than 8". It is a very good saw and starts dependably all the time. I run 40:1 gas oil mixture so I have the same mix for all my chainsaws. The 20" 50.1cc is a gem. I love it. For the bigger stuff it has plenty of power, and the decompression button makes it start easily, which is more than I can say for my very finicky Husquavarna big saw, which I haven’t attempted to start up in a couple of years, after getting the Hitachis. If it ever runs less than perfect, it just means it is time to clean the air filter. I’ve had Stihl, Homelight, and the Husquarna big saw, and in my opinion the hitachis are much more enjoyable to use because I spend much less time futzing around with them, and they start on the second pull every time. First pull (if cold) at full choke, second pull and half choke, and it starts. If warm, it will start first pull with no choke. I don’t need any more chainsaws, but if I did I’d go for this. My 14" was new, my 20 was a refurb but showed no signs of use. Because they were not expensive, I thought I’d run them hard for 5 years and replace them, but they show little signs of wear. I really like them. My homelite and stihl saws were pretty annoying in comparison. The Stihl eventually seized up but I didn’t care because I really disliked that saw, even though I probably used it about 7 years. Go for it.

I have a top handle 14" Tanaka smaller saw and a Ice auger…both great products…the small chainsaw runs great never had a issue with it, has plenty of power…I know that the gears in the auger are all brass and I have a 6 year backing from the company…if I needed a 20" saw I would buy this is a heartbeat…not sure of the price on this saw anywhere else. Great products…Great company!!

Sells for $329 and the amazomie site…has a 7 year backing from the company…very good reviews all around on this saw…damn I should buy one…

I just bit…back burning wood this winter…lol

This review comment sold it for me…

I have been cutting wood with my family for over 10 years. Recently I was in the market for a new, larger saw. Having been around Tanaka for a while, I was excited to try the new big saw. The 7 year warranty is a major factor as no one else can compete. The power is very impressive. The saw starts quickly and easily with the decompression valve. The unit is easy to run and doesn’t vibrate your hands all to pieces when operating for extended periods. It seems to be good on gas, too as well as burning very clean.

The one major concern I have with the saw is the exhaust. With the Pure Fire engine, the exhaust is a catalytic converter of sorts and wow, does it get hot! I’m talking cherry red hot!!! And the exiting gasses go forward, so when cutting a piece of large dry wood, I have had the wood start on fire. You must really watch how long you keep the exhaust near any dry grass or wood.

Overall, I am very impressed with the power, performance, and ease of operation. This machine is an excellent buy for the money with an unbeatable warranty.


I have owned this saw for nearly a year now and decided to give an update on how I believe it is holding up.

The exhaust heat is still an issue, but now that I am aware of it, I avoid situations that would allow it to become a problem. The stop switch also went bad, but for $5 thats all I have had to put into this saw.

With nearly 100 hours on the unit as of this past weekend and all I can say is I am completely in love with the saw. The unit consumes VP Racing “Small Engine Fuel” and Amsoil Saber 100:1 Premix oil exclusively. I stay away from regular gas from a pump so that there cannot be any ethanol related failures. This bad boy runs clean and strong!!! I would put this saw up against any Stihl, Echo, or Husqvarna. 35-45 minutes of run time per tank of fuel is about the average. The bar is holding up fantastic. I am a very particular person when it comes to maintainence, so the tip is always greased and I keep the filters clean, as well as the chain oiler free of debris. Honestly, this is one of, if not the best saw of this size that I have ever run.

It’s a great price for a 50cc 20 inch chain saw. That might be more saw than some people need. And it’s really heavy. 18.5 lbs. My Stihl weighs 12 lbs. This saw would be a bad choice for a lot of cutting above ground level. Unless you’re a lumberjack, then you’re OK.

This is the rare and hard-to-find “rear handle” style chain saw!

I don’t mind paying the price for a good machine but before I open my wallet wide enough to pay a Stihl like price for a Tanaka, I want to make sure the Tanaka is as good as the Stihl.

The problem is I never heard of a Tanaka. I don’t know where to get them repaired or anything about part availability. I am, however, very impressed with a 7 year warranty! They must feel very confident and very proud of their product and I like that.

Really considering this one. I have a Tanaka string trimmer that is an absolute champ… one of the best I’ve ever used.

Starts and runs like a dream, every time.

And keep in mind, this saw is at a low price point on Amazon ATM… it’s normally at $399, according to Camel Camel.


Well, I did some preliminary research and came up with some very warm and inviting information. Regarding availability and service information. There are plenty of dealers and one of them happens to be in my own town ( I never knew it). The retail price of this particular chainsaw is $399.99, so the woot price is a good savings/discount. Not bad for oppeners…looking very good!

a Stihl of this size (ms271)
whould cost $439.95!!

this is a good deal on a nice saw

I have several Tanaka (Hitachi) products and they are the most reliable and best performing of any of the lawn and garden maintenance items I own. To calm some of the commenters, they are the only brands that I look for first, and will only buy another brand if they are not available. Great quality control and performance on all of their items!!!

How many zombies could be eliminated with one tank of fuel with this 20" blade? Pure awesomeness and JIT for Halloween.

Smart move by Tanaka to put that handle at the rear… I understand the front-handled chain saws can be pretty dangerous.