TCL 1080p 120Hz LED Roku TVs-40,48 & 55"

Specs tab says nothing about dimensions. Pictures don’t enlarge to show ports. Come on, Woot. You can do better than this.

not even a factory warranty

At the price it might be worth the gamble. Besides, you can probably get a square deal to cover anything.

Here’s the big point - CNET is in LOVE with this because of its price:

I got the 40" model last time it was here. I’ve had it about a month now and I think it is well worth $200. The picture is bright, the wireless and roku are solid so far. Even the sound is acceptable in a bedroom, but you might want to add speakers for a larger room. I can’t speak about durability yet but if it lasts a year it will have been worth the money.

The remote is really clever. It’s a roku remote with volume on the side. Just a few buttons. Everything is controlled through the apps, cable, dvd, etc. It also takes a usb input for some video formats and for audio.

I also picked up the 40" last time. For $200 it has so far been a deal. The picture is sharp and clear. I have found the volume to be fine–although I could see adding something to help it out if it were mounted in a big room. I love the fact that it’s so light I can pick it up and carry it under my arm to move it to a different room at the drop of a hat. The only downside I’ve found–and I’m really reaching here–is that without having one single solid “leg” underneath it in the middle of the screen–I’ve had to find surfaces wide enough to hold it.

Bought one last Nov. It now sometimes refuses to turn off. Sometimes turns on by itself. I must unplug then replug to make it work!

If you’re a ROKU sorta person, these TV’s are really nice. Built-in ROKU and simple remote. I have two of them and have no complaints. All I added was better speakers. That is all.