Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder

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Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder

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New Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder, for $89.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder

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This is great! Perfect for the old man.

I was looking at a ladder similar to this the other day. Any reviews? Better find out before my dad climbs is and kills himself.

well I already have a little-giant sooo I think I’ll pass on this one

A New Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder for only $89.99 with $5 shipping. That doesn’t seem like a bad deal…

This is a pretty good deal considering the prices on Ebay:

Check the prices on Ebay by clicking here!

Interestingly, there is one review on alatest…,2/

and one on buzzillions…

Google results

There are 2 reviews on Sazze, 4.0/5.0

Dang! That person in the video had a hard fall.

i’ve never trusted these ladders, just seem like they will fold/fail/crash on you

the video shows someone just having a misstep, i like this video

Just in time to hang up the Xmas lights…

Can you stack these?

I want to put them on the back of a truck bed, and put 3 of them up in a row to cut limbs with my chain saw.

Not my limbs of course… well… nope not mine…

The home inspector that checked over the house I bought had one of these. He liked it and I was impressed with it. The cost of these has been the stalling point for me tho… but I haven’t wooted in a while…

Dumb woman, he fell from the ladder and she says it’s a slippery floor.

how do you like your little giant? i want one of those. this woot seems pretty cool too.

We have one of these at work. They are kind of nice. Take up very little space and work fairly well. The downside to them is that they are fairly flexible. Its not like they are unsafe or anything, but if you don’t like ladders, i don’t recommend it. Personally i am fine with ladders, and for the price this isn’t a bad deal. Also, an other issue is that it can be difficult to take down. Kinda tricky and its easy to slam your fingers in it as it collapses. All avoidable if you are careful.

I’ve had a Little Giant since 1992 and it’s a great ladder. This one doesn’t compare, but then the LG is a bit more $$$.

I have one.

It is very solidly built.

But I don’t use it much, and it gives me a bit of an nervous feeling when I use it.