Teva Men's Deacon

I bought these the last time offered and instead of receiving the dark chocolate brown pair pictured I received a light tan pair that differed in some other ways like logo placement, etc. Woot said they didn’t have anyone else complain but they sent me another pair as replacement. The thing is, the one their selling is called “brown”, the one I received came in a box on which the label said “brown”. So I figured if the guy/gal in the warehouse just went to the shelf and pulled another box that said “brown” I’d get the same thing, and indeed, the replacement was the same color. To see what I was sent go to Teva Deacons on Amazon and see my review under WillyOne. I show a photo of both pairs I received. It’s hard to believe no one else would have commented to Woot about the difference, after all, what I received twice is vastly different that what’s pictured. I’ve written all this because you should be aware you may not get the item pictured. I’m not saying they’re bad looking, some may prefer getting the lighter ones if Woot’s still sending them out, they’re just not what I thought I was ordering.

Also, you’ll notice another reviewer on Amazon saying they got a pair lighter than the one pictured. I know Woot sells items via Amazon and I figure that person ran into the same issue as me.

Just got mine in the mail. Completely different color than what is shown in the picture - Light Tan in reality vs the dark brown shown as described on the sale page. There are many other differences as well - different tread pattern, different brand names/ locations, different design, different stitching, different look. It must be a completely different version of the Deacon model than what is shown on the specs/pics.

Woot needs to update their listing to reflect the product actually being shipped…

I would post a picture if that were possible.

They sound like the same ones I talk about in the post just before yours. I wrote a review on Amazon under the name WillyOne and included a photo of what I was sent. Could you select THIS LINK, look at the photo under my review and tell me if what I show in the photo is the same as what you received? Mine where different in the same ways you describe and I’m curious if you received the same. I went back and forth with Woot’s customer service where they pretty much said mine were a fluke and they hadn’t received any other comments, but that’s hard to believe because I’ve found numerous others who experienced the same thing, AND the replacement pair they sent were the same wrong color. So they know they’re sending out the wrong item! There’s no way they couldn’t! They just don’t want to correct their ad for some reason. Doesn’t make them look very considerate … or worse!

My first post has been up for days and no one from Woot has made a single comment. If they were on the up and up about it somebody would have commented long ago.

Hey guys! I sent an email to the Sports team and CS so they can look into this.

Yessir - I looked at your link - the ones I got are exactly like the ones in your picture. So for anyone else wondering what they are going to get, check out WillyOne’s link / review / pics.

It’s not that they are BAD, just not what was ordered. This is the second time this type of thing has happened with WOOT! and shoes for me. Last time was a pair of black boots that were supposed to be “Made in USA” New Balance. When they came in they were a different brand name entirely and prominently “Made in China.” Woot did offer some money back in that case if we wanted to keep them ($10, IIRC) or full refund w/ return.

Hey, thanks for looking at my review and letting me know … I really appreciate it!