That's What I Do

Damn. Succinct and to the point. I like it!

I love this shirt! The simplicity is perfect!

Should probably get this for my self-proclaimed know-it-all little brother.

Tyrian the librarian?
A Lanister always pays his overdue book fees. :slight_smile:

Fine shirt.

Bonus points for subliminal Peter Dinklage voice over.

This is a great design.
A word about the quality of the shirts Woot is offering; the “standard” brand is of exceptionally poor quality. The “premium” is also very poor quality when compared to American Apparel. One of the suppliers is Canvas, Bella-Canvas. These Canvas shirts stretch out around the neck collar very quickly, even after a single wash.
Also, the scent of the ink used is very powerful, you may want to consider washing the shirt prior to wearing. My best guess is the standard brand is equal to something you would expect to see at the local swap meet; “five shirts for $10”. The premium brand quality is something you would expect to purchase at the local Kohl’s or Kmart for $4 apiece. Of course those shirts do not come with the cool and clever messages these shirts come with, which is why we purchase. I’m just saying the quality is not what it used to be and these shirts will not last five wash cycles before you will consider wiping the floor or washing the car with.
Woot does not offer the American Apparel brand any longer. You will notice the difference in quality very easily. If you have any shirts you have previously ordered from Woot, do the comparison yourself.

Is American Apparel still running?

I second this sentiment. From someone that has purchased A LOT of Woot shirts over the years, the quality has really taken a nosedive. Collars stretch out and the overall shirt shrinks in the dryer, often making it a belly shirt.

I appreciate the creative designs and constantly get compliments when I wear them, but not pleased with this new shirt supplier, which will impact my future purchases.

I want one that says I read books on a mobile device because I don’t want to lug around heavy, awkward hunks of paper that have no back light and are hard to move in large quantities. Plus I can just tap the screen and get a definition of any word and get it translated to almost any language! Plus make notes, highlight, add bookmarks, and never have a book lost or stolen because it will always be in the cloud! :wink:

AA shirts were almost perfect for me. Except for the smattering of shirts in which the hems weren’t pressed straight, their longer cut was a plus, they didn’t shrink too much, and the fabric was soft and stayed soft – so the bar was set very very high here.

As a timeline, AA blanks were used from 2007 through early-2012, and was the premium option from mid-2015 through March 2017. The custom made Anvil blanks were used from early-2012 to mid-2014 when Anvil reverted to the current cut.

The Canvas shirts are lighter in weight than AA (4.2oz vs. 4.3oz), and as noted in my review (see link below), the neckline was looser – but not all of them stretch out to the same extent. In any case, they’re nowhere not as wide/loose as the (custom) Anvil shirts of yore. And at least in my experience, they’ve been quite tolerant to shrinkage.

Anvil … the best thing I could say is that scissors exist to turn them into tank. Their shoulder/sleeve cut just doesn’t work as a t-shirt for me. Everybody’s body is different, though, so it’s great that Woot has such options.

As for the scent, the explanation is deep in the archives of the shirt.woot blog.

Not as we knew them. They were bought out and shut down. :frowning: You can read a bit more about that in this thread.

Thank you. The last time I bought Woot Shirts was when they had the pick 3.

I ordered the Premium during that time and they were all American Apparel.

Thank you for the Update on the quality and the Premium brand manufactures.

Sad that they no longer use higher quality t-shirts for Premium. I mean we are paying a lot for Premium but if we are just getting a lower quality Premium then Woot needs to read these post and consider finding another source with better quality.

I agree! I used to purchase tons of Woot shirts, newer ones pale in comparison. Sizing is weird, the quality is low and the designs come off. I have shirts a few months old that look worse than ones I have had for years.

Are you buying the standard or the premium recently? What size(s)? Beyond the measurement differences, the cuts differ between the two brands too.

If there are issues with early print degradation, contact CS.

I agree with the statements about quality. Further there’s no way what I received as a women’s M & XL comes even close. They run really small

… until someone steals my mobile device and deletes all my ‘books’ along with all my other cloud data and I have absolutely no clue how to function on an adult level (sad face).

Ordered an XL ladies, pretty sure it would not fit a 10 year old boy. Disappointed…

As everybody’s body is different, Woot offers two brands that are sized differently.

Measure it up and compare it to the sizing chart on every shirt page. If it’s different, take a pic and contact Customer Support.

Vanity sizing over the years means that size letters are merely suggestive for both genders. I have size small shirts that are loose and size XL shirts that just fit.

These run super small. I got a L for my high school daughter and it won’t fit - looks like it is for a kid!

I guess we won’t be buying shirts anymore. :frowning: I bought a premium women’s large, and it is 16" across, measured at the bottom edge of the sleeves. I thought this would be a little large for my daughter, but I think it might just fit. Hopefully. Since they’re lying about the sizing, I have no idea what to order anymore. Take a stab at a larger unisex size and hope for the best? I just bought another shirt with expedited delivery. And I know I know a “women’s XL” (aka women’s medium?) is not going to work. :frowning: