The Employee Designed Tee Contest!

If I had known this would be the level of competition, I probably would’ve designed a shirt.

/I kid, I kid, nice effort y’all!

I’m assbutts and I approve of this t-shirt.

So, is the bran shirt a Robert E. Howard reference, or to the mythological Welsh king? It must be one of the two.

oh my : )

I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

a lot of hidden talents remain hidden.

Show some wookie love here! Buy all the wookies!

I’m about to order Kristy’s ASS shirt! :smiley:

I love goats but I hate red. If I had an actual goat, I would buy that shirt just so he could eat it. Stupid zoning laws.

great dancing Wookie signature moves ; )

Ariela is a babe, plus I love the shirt. Hope I can wear it with someone wearing the Bats! shirt.

Now put ADQ’s design on a hat for a sweet “ASS” hat.

Oh, that’s brilliant.

Ok. The gig is up. It says “Sam” is from South Dakota. ( The cow shirt of course )
Ok the gig isn’t up. But it’s evidence of who is involved in the SD fetish.

…a trail of breadcrumbs

So what you’re saying is that the cow shirt (Mu) is clearly the pick of the litter? I think we can all agree.

Ok, is the bran shirt just random? Because if it is I’m totally buying it.

I live for shirts like this, no meaning, just says bran on a brown shirt. People wondering what you are wearing. I love it!

But if it’s got some deep meaningful reference behind it (as stated above), it takes the fun out of it. Any insight into this?

Although we all know @thunderthighs is the most talented in all the land (rooting for your shirt!!), I am really digging Matthew’s shirt

What happens when you eat bran? Something brown I think.

That depends. Is “winning” a date w/ Joel a good thing ? Or is it better to get a poster ?
My vote, er purchase, may hinge on that clarification.