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oh man, this one is scary

ahhh that is scary

Bright colors, a skull and sword… is this a He-Man reference? :wink:

Best part imo.

hmmm…reminds me of my heavy metal days.

ive never heard anything scream “heavy metal” so loudly.

No way. I know the stereotypical people who wear shirts like this. I don’t want to be in that group.

wow!!! i feel for buying it!! but… erm, hesitation…

i love that in the black

the colors

Reminds me of ACDC

Wow! This one made me take notice! Definitely screamed heavy metal band to me. Awesome use of color, however, I wonder if it would have been a tad better toned down with a different palate.

Olaf! Berzerker!

wow. i think woot was sniffing glue with this one. reminds me of a heavy metal/skull pogs from in the day.

Recalls one of many a buttrock band. Silkscreen below for added effect: Metallica, Slayer, Typo O Negative, Sepultura, etc. Be the envy of all Dungeons and Dragons players on your block.

Shirt is plain hideous. This is definitely a no.

oh my god that’s bad as shit I’m buying it

Oh ya, my girlfriend will love this…

FINALLY, a skull design on a black t-shirt.

Sorry, pass. :\