The Grifter Napa County Red Blend (4)

The Grifter Napa County Red Blend 4-Pack
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2013 The Grifter Red Blend, Napa County
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Do we include no specs on a lot of these wines so that we have something to ask for and discuss everytime? Your trying to sell me wine but not providing even basic details other than alcohol %.

So here’s the same questions I ask a lot.

Chem specs please?
percentage of varietals in the blend?
Vineyard sources?

Oh jeez, sorry. I’ll see if I can get more from WD. Hopefully a winery rep will pop in, too.

On it. Will check in with Damian from the winery. He’ll be chiming in first thing tomorrow.

thank you.

The vinemaker’s website gives some of the info you’re looking for but, unfortunately, not the percentages by varietal.

Looking to possibly be in the Cameron Hughes model; find 'em, bottle 'em an number 'em.
Also without much additional information.

Could be some great values here, as with CH, but with what’s provided, just a total flyer, and you can’t try just one to see either.

I’ll second the comment AbV alone just doesn’t cut it for unknown wines and producers.

HNY all!

Thanks, I was using my phone overnight and the mobile site does not link to the VVM.

Here’s the info you linked to from the rainer website

Vintage: 2013
Appellation: California
Sub Appellation: Napa County
Blend: Merlot, Zinfnadel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other aromatic reds
Alcohol: 13.7 %
Total Acid: 5.58 g/L
Total RS: 3.42 g/L
pH: 3.76
Case Production: 500
Food Pairing: Best paired with strong cheeses, red sauce pastas and strong red meat dishes, including beef, lamb and game.
Tasting Notes: This bouquet favors sarsaparilla and vanilla bean with wild raspberry and brandied cherry on the palate with a distinct cranberry finish.
Don’t be fooled by this dark & mysterious red blend. This is a superior Napa County Red Blend. Hand selected vineyards. Handmade. No shortcuts.

I wonder if the winery designed this blend with the intent to keep the varietals and percentages obscure. The description names three grapes and then also adds “other aromatic reds,” and the site specifically refers to the wine as a “mysterious red blend.”

I think it’s a bad strategy (especially when trying to sell to wooters), but strangers things have happened.

Zin based blends with edgy names have been all the rage since Orion swifts “the prisoner” became popular. These type of blends typically do not state the percentages to stay mysterious. I find the practice annoying. I may be missing out on a lot of good wine but that’s fine with me. Now field blends are a whole other beast.

Since no percentages are given who knows what the primary varietal is but the alc. is lower so it may be Merlot or cab base.

I’m right with you on the fact that it’s unclear what the primary varietal even is. The Prisoner at least provides the percentages of Zin/Cab/Petite Sirah in the blend.

Thanks for all the questions and comments. The Grifter Napa Red is a blend of the following varietals…
37% Merlot
28% Zinfandel
20% Cab
7% Syrah
6% Petite Syrah
2% Petite Verdot
I didn’t list it as a “Merlot-based blend” because no single component is over 50%.

We produce Merlot ourselves and we acquire the other components from growers and vintners around the valley including Napa sub-AVAs such as…
Carneros (7%)
St. Helena (7%)
Oak Knoll (6%)
Rutherford (6%)

We use an oak regimen of new French and American cubes in neutral barrels.

I would be happy to answer other questions. I will stand by.


Here is a quick snapshot of full chem-panel…

Alcohol: 13.7 %
Total Acid: 5.58 g/L
Total RS: 3.42 g/L
pH: 3.76

Also, case production: 500


Are there any reviews anywhere from people who have drunk this wine?

I drank it. it was a very enjoyable blend. Damian makes wines that outperform suggested retail. This is not exception.

secondarily, I also think the label is cool