The Official Unofficial Box of Trash List

Reading through what some of the previous Wooters got from the box, stuff like bluetooth headphones and a Nest thermostat, I will admit that I got my hopes up a little. We went through the box and here’s what we came away with:

-Yankee Candle wax melts (that I like and my wife doesn’t hate)
-Pink Care Bear mini plush (my wife says it’s for her but I think she’s being sneaky and wants to give it to my son)
-TrackR Pixels
-Elf on the Shelf (tis the season!)
-Smooth Away hair remover set (not for me!)
-Teal (yikes!) blackout curtain set (for Grammy’s room when she comes to visit)
-Two or three cat 5e network cables (I can never find any of my own when I need one)
-Black tourmaline stone (because I have never been able to walk away from an interesting rock)

The stuff I’m contributing will likely about double the size of the current box, and I need to find a new box, so it will be a couple of days before I can get everything packed up and shipped to the next Wooter in NYC. Hopefully I will have it gone on Friday!