The Original 304 Stainless Steel 50' Garden Hose

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The Original 304 Stainless Steel 50’ Garden Hose
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304 Stainless on a garden hose… Nice concept, but they probably should have used say 316 so that it wouldn’t rust… 304 grows ugly orange rust stains when kept in damp conditions. It won’t rust through like a winter car in the rust belt, but it’ll look rusty and ugly.

My experience with products that have the “as seen on TV” label is the vast majority of these products are of inferior quality or they are real close to useless. This example does not list the inside diameter.

Why would someone need a stainless garden hose? Though they are expensive, a quality hose made out of rubber, not plastic or vinyl will last many years.

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304 really shouldn’t form rust if it’s properly alloyed at the surface, unless there are free iron deposits from another source. You’ll have the same problem with 316 if it comes from a source that doesn’t meet ASTM or similar specs.

At least it will not get kinky like rubber hoses and cut the water supply.

And what is the diameter??

What happens when it gets run over by a car - now it’s permanently pinched?

The reviews on sites other than Amazon were much more critical. Many reports that the hose ends are not well constructed and ‘blow off’ after just a few months. I was ready to jump on this one but now think I will just look for a quality ‘non kink’ hose.

Is the lining material suitable for potable water? What is the burst pressure for the hose?

A good quality rubber hose seldom kinks and when it does it is caused by operator error. Those cheap vinyl hose kink all the time and only last a few years.

I believe the inside diameter is 1/4 inch. If so, the hose is worthless. Since the diameter is not included in the specs, this may be the reason why.

Completely worthless, the diameter which is not listed is so narrow you get very little water pressure. How do I give the back?