The Orion Cooker

5 Stars over at Wayfair

Bought one a few years back. Still using it. Turkey, Chicken and Ribs all come out tender and juicy. Cleans up great. Use oven cleaner every 6 months or so to deep clean it.

Yep. I saw Onion Cooker.

Holy crap.

I bought one of these. From here. For $59.99, less than half of what they are asking now.

Wow, what a difference! It’s the exact same unit. Down to the same picture.

I saw the thumbnail and immediately got excited as I’ve been thinking about buying another one. Oh well.

If you wait for sales, you can find these a few times a year at Lowe’s, Home Depot or Ace Hardware for ~$99.99.

These are fantastic cookers. I’ve never had anything come out bad. Just learn to trust the guidebook in how long to cook stuff and not to open the thing during cooking.

R2D2 and a pressure cooker has a love child. May the 4th be with you.

Does it run on Betelgeuse?

Or full of Bellatrix?

I’ve had mine since 2008. Actually have three. Love them!
Matter of fact I’m headed to our annual Louisiana Orion Cookout later today. Cooking begins Saturday at 10. Eating will be all day. If you’re in the area come by. You will be able to meet the inventor and president of the company.

Since Louisiana is a big place…the cookout is at Fontainbleau State Park…

Best dang cooker there is - even puts Big Green snot, er, egg to shame - for fraction of cost. Meat literally falls off the bone. WOOT! price is about same as my local hardware store, but I would buy one again in a heartbeat!

This product is not meant to replace or takeover your regular Weber grill -

Note - not really that useful to cook hamburgers and hot dogs - best use is for cooking larger than average amounts of meat. Last month, I cooked 2 5lb Boston Butts - 4hrs later, the meat just pulled off like real BBQ.

Ribs - easily cook 6 racks at a time, but beware, you will have some of the ribs at the bottom - meat so tender they just fall apart.

EASY? Too easy.

  1. Put in meat
  2. Fill outer ring and top with instant light charcoal (12lb bag about standard).
  3. Light it (charcoal)
  4. Walk away - check after recommended time.
    **Note: You can add a mixture of regular and instant light charcoal. You can add regular and lighter fluid, but it’s just easier to spend the extra few bucks on instant.

It HAS been difficult for me to cook wild game, like venison, because of unknown/unsure cook times.

Looks to me like it would be just like cooking on a smoker without the benefit of the smoke unless you add wood chips inside. May as well cook in the oven or something.

There is actually a separate area in the interior bottom for putting wood chips. This thing is awesome, had it for about 10 years. It’s the only way we make our Thanksgiving turkey!

Wow, lots of quality posts here. Thanks to everyone. I have never considered one of these but am always looking to up my game. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger …

Do eeet!

Ended up jumping on one after reading all the positive comments.

Bought mine in 08 here. Love it. Excellent for cooking meats and steaming veggies. Keeps meat moist a must for smoking lean meats like Buffalo and turkey

These things are awesome! I’ve had mine for 4 years. They are a bargain at any price.

I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Not a great price (think I got mine for a hundy from Home Depot on clearance), but a great product. Makes great pork ribs in a very short amount of time and actually infuses a decent amount of smoky flavor. It’s not like smoking ribs, but it takes about 1/3 - 1/4 of the time. It’s actually easier to get six racks in this thing than on my pit smoker (Old Country Pecos). Trying to remember if I ever snuck three racks on each hook, but I can’t recall…

The onion cooker is great! I bought one from Woot! for my husband years ago and it sat in the shed. Go figure. Appropriated it myself. It makes delicious pork for bbq and lamb roasts. I use wood bits for smokey flavor from prunings from fruit trees around the yard and dried herb branches (rosemary).

You are correct in that if you don’t add chips into it, it’s the same as cooking in the oven. The major benefit is 1: heat outside instead of your kitchen, 2: doesn’t use up electricity/gas, 3: leaves your oven free to use for other things. But the biggest one, 4: you can put chips in it, unlike your oven, and you are now looking at a smoker