The Three Classical States of Matter

Petrochemistry, cute, melting gooey ooeey puddles of petrochemistry…

So… the Earth gets gas from eating dinosaurs.

Ah, so this is why a motorcycle growls when you rev it.

It all makes sense now.

Woohoo! … two prints in one week!

About that fuel pump, though … it’s been quite a while since gas was only 3-digits (under a buck a gallon, since the last digit is 9/10ths of a penny).

I don’t think that strike it rich plan will work unless they take allow for plate tectonics. Could be drilling in the wrong place.

Better than getting it from eating burritos!

You beat me to first.

this is rather clever and fun.
nicely done.

In for one because:

  • I live in Alberta and my province is basically dinosaurs and oil. That is all there is.

  • I’m in shirt-buying withdrawal.

  • I want to see how Slate compares to Asphalt.

  • It’s just a good shirt. :slight_smile:

Now I don’t feel so bad about the rising cost of fuel. Liquified dinosaurs don’t come cheap. Congrats Luck.

Meh… One of the designs in the fog that I didn’t care for. Maybe 2nd and 3rd will be ones I wanted.

I’m doing the dinosaur happy dance all over my living room.

Dinosaurs…diiiiinooosauuuurs!! nahnahnahnahnah Dinosaurs!

Ok, I’ll stop. Congrats on the print Lucky.

I love it. I love the colors (got my first slate shirt today and I am a fan of the new shade!) and I love the expressions on the dinosaur’s face. insta-buy.

YAY! I wanted this to be in the top 3. I’m in for two - my little brother and I… I wish he could wear it to his first day of 1st grade - too bad they wear are uniforms.

Before anyone complains that it isn’t scientifically accurate - and someone will - take these nuggets of wisdom from an earth science teacher:


Consider it a teachable moment - they gotta know the actual science to get the joke!

Alright, Lucky! So happy to see you take first! Congrats!

Fact: If the dinosaur is replaced with a human, it wouldn’t make as much sense, and it would be even MORE morbid.

More. Morbid.

Awesome design. Love it! Got mine ordered.

And something not so much about the shirt but the artist bio …

Is it Hacienda Heights (as listed in KotG), or Honolulu? … and if it’s the latter, we want to see your birth certificate. :slight_smile: