Snow Angel Particle

I love that two of the skaters are doing a forward outside eight and one is doing a forward inside eight. I think this figure might possible for a single skater with a few 3-turns and maybe rockers turns - but the best part of this design is that it makes me want grab a few of my friends and find a pond to try it out!

I wonder if that middle kid is really fat or over bundled.

This shirt is charming. It would be perfect for a hoodie.

I am soooo confused. Have the kids discovered a new element or do they need to go back to chemistry class? Their atom is not adding up. Lithium has three electrons but it also has three protons and four neutrons. Hydrogen has 1 proton but only one electron.

This is a fun one. And hey, I’m an English major type. Who always thought the science in science fiction was the cool part.

I’m curious about the probability function on those skaters. That would be the Heiseniceberg principle, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And why again is this shirt not named “Nuclear Winter”?

nice work! always happy to see cmdixon2 up on the main page!

Gorgeous design! Congrats, Chris!

Is this the first time that a reworked derby entry has been made into a daily?

I think it’s a great design and love the added details that you’ve put into it!

its a hydrogen (as defined by the proton) with 3 electrons, radical element known as tridium. nuclear nerd in previous life.

Thanks guys! I’m so glad these little dudes finally found a home at woot.

I don’t believe this is the first derby entry to be printed as a daily. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have submitted it. BUT I did make some much-needed changes to it so maybe that’s all it takes? Either way, many thanks to woot for housing my long-orphaned ice skaters on their shirts.

I was wondering when “that guy” would show up.

Anyway, cool shirt, might pick one up for my wife.

It’s a rare occasion, so good on you for ignoring the futility of it. :slight_smile:

for ref, here’s the original:

vs. the new:

This is a Hydrogen dianion, or H[sup]2-[/sup]. Sorry, Woot doesn’t do superscripts, so you’ll have to mentally transform the tag.

What you’re thinking of is Tritium, or hydrogen-3 with one proton and two neutrons, which is highly radioactive.

But, this has one proton and 3 electrons, making it a very negatively charged hydrogen ion, which is highly reactive but not radioactive.

I think this shirt is sad. The fat kid in the middle fell down, can’t get up and the other kids just keep skating circles around him.

Hydrogen doesn’t necessarily have just one electron. The key thing that makes hydrogen is the single proton.

Vary the proton and you change the element.

Keep the proton the same and vary the neutrons and/or electrons and you have variants of the same element.

If a hydrogen ion has no electrons, it is positively charged; H^+ (a cation).

With two electrons; H^- (an anion).

With three electrons; H^2- (a dianion).

Atomic fail. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t you?

If the skating kids (electrons) weigh 80 lbs., that means the poor kid in the middle (proton) weighs 73.4 tons.

I’m surprised the ice is holding. That kid’s the weight of two Cat Earth-Movers.